Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jingle All the Way - Starring Jack Hamrick

Back around the time that Jon came home from deployment, I had gotten a call from Jack's teacher, Mrs. Eve asking me if Jack could be part of the Holiday Show JPS puts on every year. I had eagerly told her yes! Rehearsals started the first Tuesday of October and would be every Tuesday until the date of the play. 

For a while there, Tuesdays were pretty brutal for Jack. He'd go to school and straight afterwords he'd be in play practice. Then immediately after practice, he'd head to soccer practice. Poor boy wouldn't get home until a little after 6 o'clock and he still had to do homework, eat supper, bathe and then it would be off to bed. There were many a whiny Tuesday nights during this time.

But eventually, soccer came to a close and things mellowed out for him. I would help out during practice and volunteered my artistic talents by painting backdrops and scenery. Jon pitched in as well by building set frames for the buildings to be attached to.

A couple of practices in, Jack's part was handed out and we found out that he would be playing Rudolph! He was so excited! But that also meant that he had a couple of lines that he would have to learn.

But Jack's a pretty smart cookie and once we started really working with him on his lines, he picked it up in no time at all!

Fast forward to December and things have really come together. I had pretty much been there at every practice but I was seriously amazed during the first dress rehearsal how well everything turned out! The kids knew their lines, the set looked amazing and the costumes were ADORABLE!

The day of the show was a very busy one for all the kids and helpers. They had decided to hold two shows during the day. One for the first half of the school, including the morning preschoolers and another one for the rest of the school with the afternoon preschoolers. Then that night, was their official performance for the parents and families. 

Jack seemed to be fine during the day but for his performance that night, he was a bit nervous!

Here I am, getting him into costume. He decided he was going to be a diva and refuse photo's.

Getting his nose on...

His level of excitement is hard to contain. Obviously.

One of Jack's good friends and fellow reindeer  - Tatum.

The program.

The play's banner...

A shot of the scenery that I painted...

The whole cast up on stage...

An idea on where Jack was. We could see him pretty well from our seat but for some reason, that didn't transfer well to film. Oh well....

A few shots from the production...

Jack at his mark, waiting for his turn to speak. He had this look to him that said he might want to throw up...

But he nailed it! Although, when looking back I noticed that he seems to be grabbing his junk during his lines.

A shot of the scenery off on the side. Jon built the frames that are holding those 'buildings' up.

Jack and his fellow reindeer getting ready to lead the Santa's sled....

Jack and Tatum posing afterwords....ready to sign autographs.

Of course Santa made a surpise visit! Jason caught up with him after the play to get a candy cane.

I've uploaded a video of his lines. He's the last one speaking toward the end.

 The play went off without a hitch! The kids did great and everyone LOVED it! I'm so proud of Jack for being a part of something like this.  He has really come out of his shell and this just goes to show what great teachers, coaches, friends and family he has. Now that we're going to be here another year, I'm really hoping he'll be able to be part of next years play production.

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