Saturday, December 4, 2010

Karate Christmas party - Roller Boogie!

Every year for Jason's Karate, they do a big ol' Christmas party. They invite all the classes from both Lejeune and the Havelock area and get together to celebrate, hand out awards and promote those deserving. This year, the Christmas party was being held at the area Roller Skating joint.


Do people still do that?

Which got me thinking of the last time I went skating and I couldn't remember. I know in the mid 90's, I had a pair of roller blades (who didn't) but to actually skate with 4 wheels on each foot? That's been a loooooong time ago!

Which brings me to a few lovely memories of rollerskating from my childhood. The first one is one from my early elementary years. Maybe 1st or 2nd grade. I can remember trying to figure out how to maneuver those skates when my legs went completely out from under me. One in each direction. Being the coolest kid on the block, I ended up split my pants open. Right in the crotch. Talk about utter embarrassment! I'm not sure if any of my classmates knew of the situation because I immediately rolled over to one of my teachers where they then proceeded to take me into the ladies room so I could remove my pants and they could sew up my ripped crotch while I had a jacket tied around my waste as to not offend any of the other skating patrons.

The second memory I have is of my bff Tara and I, in 7th or 8th grade totally being a bunch of idiot doorknobs while skating around and around the rink singing to Debbie Gibson's 'Shake Your Love' only we sung it as 'Shake Your BUTT'. Oh my gosh, we thought we were hilarious!!!

Suffice to say, my kids have never been roller skating. So this was going to be a very interesting event for us.

Once we get there, all the memories come flooding back. The smell of shoe spray and corn chips really penetrate the air. But there's something else...the slick shine of the rink, the dazzle of the disco ball and sound of little fingers being crushed by nearby skates....Oh yes! We're in Roller Skate Heaven!

The kids and I head to the party room and settle in as I lay my covered dish on the table. (Everyone had to bring a dish to pass. I brought Ambrosia.) Then we go get our skates. Where these things always so heavy and clunky? Cassie's a pro at getting 'em on (she's been ice skating a few time before so it's not so far a stretch) and I manage to get Jason and Jack's on without incident. It was a little dicey making our way from the tile party room floor to the carpeted area on the outskirts of the rink. The kids were finding things to hold on to for dear life as they rolled-walked to the carpet. Thank God the rink has those railings because if not, I don't think ANY of the kids would of been able to make one solid lap around.
Jason did a pretty decent job of figuring it out. He started off slow at first and I had to kinda show him how to push off to get going.

He had a few spills here and there but overall, this boy NAILED the skating!

During this time, I had tried to get Jack out there on the roller rink floor but HOLY COW! This kid was like a roadrunner with his crazy legs going out from underneath him a mile a minute. He could not figure out for the life of him how to get his legs to hold STILL!

Here he is (in yellow) with his sister trying to hold himself up....

I can't help but laugh at his crazy legs!

You know he's thinking...'And the fun starts WHEN?"

OMG, I am trying so hard not to bust out laughing!

I spent a lot of time holding him up underneath his arms trying to get help him stand up. I just kept waiting for him to do the splits! During the whole time we were there, I had ended up taking his skates on and off 4 different times. He would get ticked off and need a break and then decide he wanted to do it again. And repeat!  But finally, he caught on! It only took 3 hours....

And don't you just love this picture! Get a load of this guy checking out my butt! Cracks me up!

Woohoo! He can finally stand on his own!

After a couple hours worth of skating it was time to get everyone together for food and some fellowship!
And then it was back out to do a little bit more skating before they handed out the awards and promotions.
Jack sans skates, being a monkey!

Finally, the announced that it was time to gather in the middle of the rink. They made a wonderful speech about how awesome all the kids are doing and how blessed they are to have them be a part of this. Then they went ahead and handing out awards and promotions!

Jason ended up being promoted to Orange belt!  Way to go buddy!!!!!

Now for the really cool part - because of his promotion to Orange belt he gets to go to the 'advance' classes! So now every Monday and Wednesday, Jason will be at Karate from 5:45 to 7:45pm! INSANE! But he LOVES it so how can I say no?

It ended up being a really fun afternoon and brought back some great memories of being a kid in the 80's. I remembered how to skate backwards, got to hold my 15 year old daughters hand as we did a couple of laps around the rink and taught my boys that persistence pays off.

It was a good day.

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