Friday, November 11, 2011

Shootin' some Zombies

We had a chance to head up to my good friends, Erin's for the weekend, so of course we took it! It had been a while since we've all been together and besides Erin and I missing each other like crazy, our kids were driving US crazy with constantly asking when they were going to see each other again.

Luckily Erin isn't too far away and only after a 2 hour drive and we made it in plenty of time to enjoy a fun Friday night of Shootin'!
Perry and Erin have been spending some lovely date nights shooting the crap out of some poor targets, so we couldn't wait to jump in on some of that action.

Ok, Jon couldn't wait. I was a little nervous. It has been a few years since I've fired off a few rounds.

But my excitement tripled when I saw the targets we'd be shooting - ZOMBIES!!

If you know us, we have an (unnatural) obsession with zombies. I really don't know when or where it started but hey, at least it's not drugs.

Jon getting ready to blow some caps in that zombie, er...brain.

 Ready? Aim! FIRE!

Look at 'em...giggling like a bunch of school girls! Geesh!

Perry showing us silly girls how it's done!

Me rocking it out in my protective eye wear! HAWT! ;)

Taking aim and praying I don't actually shoot myself. I look much cooler in this picture than I actually felt. Ugh!

Erin showing us how real women do it!

I just love the targets and Jon's face, lol!

Jon did some damage to that zombie. I at least hope that it's actually dead-dead now and not the walking dead. Ewwww....

We ended up have a fabulous weekend. AS USUAL! We got some quality time in, drank some wine, ate some delicious food, went to the movies and let the kids run wild! We couldn't wait to do it again in a few weeks during our annual Hammie-Smith Epic Thanksgiving Weekend! 

Stay tuned!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween came fast for us this year. We've been so busy that before we could say 'Trick or Treat', it was Halloween weekend.
Our fun weekend started off on Friday, where the boys school held their annual 'Trunk or Treat'. Sadly, because of the new school and there not being as many people, there wasn't that many 'trunks'. But the kids still had a fantastic time seeing all the great costumes and the awesome trunks that were decorated.

My friend Jenny and Karen participated again this year. This time it was as a Mad Scientist and Egor. I have to say, they did a FANTASTIC job! As you can see by this picture, everyone was lined up to get a look at their trunk!

These girls cracked me up!

Aren't their costumes AWESOME?!!!!

Although Karen was freaking me out just a little bit....

....but then again, Jenny was too!

Right next to them was this trunk!

They had all sorts of scary music playing and they DARED the kids to go inside to see what could possibly be in there...

It took some convincing but Jack finally found his courage and went inside....

Jason followed....

Obviously it wasn't too tortuous, seeing as he came out smiling! They had to knock on the window in the back and then they got more candy.
Here's just another example of a trunk all deck out....
There was prizes given out that evening for the best decorated trunk and then the 2nd and 3rd place winners. Was it any surprise that Jenny and Karen took home the Grand Prize?! They have some mad skills because this was the 3rd year in a row that they won! Way to go girls!!!!

That next day was Soccer Saturday. They boys have been busy going to practices pretty much every day of the week with games on Saturday. Today was no different. So we were up and at 'em first thing in the morning. After the games, we headed up to Swansboro to let the boys pick out pumpkins. We kinda waited until the last minute to get our pumpkins, so it was slim pickin's in town. But I remembered that we got awesome pumpkins last year at the church in Swansboro, so we headed up there and picked out 3 huge pumpkins to carve the next day.

Sunday night finally rolls around and it's time to carve some pumpkins! Cassie had a couple of girlfriends over to stay the night, but since she had to have a pumpkin this year, I made sure she was the one craving it!  This year we took it easy with the carving. I have just gotten tired of spending hours carving out those designs you can buy for them. So we went Old School and let the boys draw faces on their pumpkins and go to town!

I mostly had to help Jack still. He was very excited about carving it, but he wanted NOTHING to do with pulling out the guts inside.

Jason went at his pumpkin like an old pro! He knew exactly what he wanted and only needed our help with the tricky stuff. It's so nice that we're getting to the point where the kids don't need us to carve their pumpkins for them anymore!

Getting ready to pop the top off Jack's pumpkin....

We took a lot of pics of all of us getting down to business...

Jason starting to cut out the eye of his pumpkin...

This was Jack's face when we told him that he needed to reach his hand inside his pumpkin and pull out the guts...

"You want me to put my hand WHERE???"

The smell was grossing him out apparently...

So I dug in a little deeper and got most of the gunk out...

And finally we got Jack to stick his arm in there.

A few more pictures of us working on the pumpkins...

At this point it was time to get Cassie involved...

I just love this girl!

We finally finished up our pumpkins and I started the process of removing all the seeds from the gunk so we could have some roasted pumpkin seeds.

The next day - HALLOWEEN, Cassie and Alyssa decided they needed to make a last ditch effort and get some sort of costume. They wanted to get one more year in of Trick-or-Treating.

Here my girls are, ready to head out. No surprise Alyssa is the devil. I'm just say'n....

But as the time came to get ready to go, the girls came to their senses and realized not only would they be embarressed to go trick or treating, but that they were also too old for it now. So they hung out at the house and handed out candy before a friend came by and took them to the Haunted House here on base.

It was time for the boys to head out! Jason of course was an Angry Bird and Jack went at Skeleton Jack Sparrow! The great thing about Jason's costume is that it's so full of stuffing that after tonight we're turning it into a huge pillow!


After a lot of complaining (from Jack) and then the drizzling rain, we decided to call it a night and come home. But we realized that we hadn't gotten pictures of the pumpkins this year. Sadly Cassie's pumpkin had a pumpkin accident when her design didn't work out too well for her and then it really went to the birds after Jack accidentally stepped on it as he was walking out the door. Whoops! But being the good girl she is, she wasn't too upset about it.

Jack's pumpkin...

A pic of Jason's pumpkin all lit up!

And finally Jack's.

I want to take a moment in this blog to thank my friend Jenny (Yup, Egor from earlier) who helped me sew Jason's angry bird costume. She came over one Sunday and after a few mishaps, we were finally able to figure out the best way to go about it! She is my sewing goddess and I can't thank her enough for all the help she gave me. Almost made me want to head out and buy myself a sewing machine.


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