Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day 2011

Back in December, our area had a pretty nice snow storm come through that dumped a couple of inches of snow everywhere. Us Hammie's were up in Michigan at the time, enjoying our Christmas vacation, so we thought that was it for our area. It usually only snows once (with accumulation) a year (generally) for the Camp Lejeune area.  Although we were in snowy Michigan, we were bummed we missed out on the snow fall that hit our house in NC.

Imagine how excited we were when news of 'possible' snowfall would be hitting our area in the next few days! On Sunday, news of area closings and delays started posting. The kids were anxiously waiting to hear if our school district would be one of them. By that evening, I had recieved a call from the school calling for a two hour delay. Which to me, didn't make sense. The worst of the storm wasn't supposed to happen until later that afternoon. But, whatever..... So we let the kids stay up for a little longer. I can remember letting our dog Lizzie outside before heading to bed and the air had *that* smell to it.


Fast forward to the early morning....All the kids were snuggled in their beds and Jon and I were snoring away peacefully when my phone rang. It was the school. They finally caved and called school off! Yippie!!! I could sleep in. I was so happy! Next thing I know, my phone is going off AGAIN! Only this time it was the alarm I had set to get up. Dang it! I wanted to sleep in. I hit snooze. Drift off to sleep, only to be woken up AGAIN by my phone ringing! This time it was Cassie's orthodontist asking to reschedule her appointment for Tuesday. They weren't taking any chances and were closing the offices for today and tomorrow. At that point, I figured I was going to have to be up. Jon was already out of bed and said I should "really get up and see this". He opened the curtains to our bedroom windows and like out of some movie, the scene before me was breath taking! Snow falling in huge flakes. The ground completely covered in a few inches of snow and every where I looked was white! Absolutely beautiful!

I drag my booty out of bed (the kids were already up and overjoyed with the fact that they didn't have school),  make my cup of coffee and decide to go against the norm and NOT make pancakes. On a cold, wintry morning such as this I was in the mood for oatmeal! The kids agreed so I set about to making a big ol' batch complete with milk and lots of brown sugar. YUM!

We spent the rest of the morning being lazy and just enjoying the easy life. I took Cassie over to her friend Kharlin's house. Apparently the teenagers decided to hang out down there and play outside. This midwest girl was amazed by the fact that there were actually cars in the ditch! I mean, it's snowy. The road are icy. But do people not realize that because of that, you can't drive like idiots? I couldn't help but laugh at that.
Around noon the kids decided it was time to bundle up and head outside. The snowfall had died down just a little and every step we took made this awesome crunching noise.

So what's the first thing to do when confronted with a yard full of beautiful snow? Make a snowman of course!!!

The boys and I rolling our first snowball....

I was having a hard time getting the ball rolling...

Jason giving it a shot....

Trying to pack a nice firm ball...


For some reason, we just couldn't get our snowballs any bigger. So we just decided to go with the flow and build ourselves a mini-man.

Isn't he stinking adorable?!?!

After that we decided to do a little snow boarding. I broke out the boogie boards (there are no sleds here folks! Gotta use what we have on hand!) and pulled the kids around the yard.

Jack being his impatient self waiting for his turn on the boogie board.

Here we go!

Now it's Jason's turn!

Off he goes!

Wipe out!

After the faux sledding, we had a massive snowball fight, a snow angel competition and ended the adventure by jumping on a trampoline full of snow and trying to catch snowflakes on our tongue.

After coming inside, what else is there to do but make heaping cups of hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows?  

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  1. It's nice to live where you get the occasional snow - and then it goes away!
    We've got the tard drivers here too... but you know that.
    They haven't gotten any smarter ;)

    I sure miss hanging out with you, and if I'm understanding the alignment of Jupiter and Orion; Washington misses y'all too. (Trying to be all tree-huggerie in my advanced age. In short; we could TOTALLY teach these mud ducks a thing or two. And, I make a lovely margarita. eeheem!