Saturday, February 12, 2011

For the love of Jeep!

My husband has been a Jeep guy since before he can remember. He grew up surrounded by various jeeps his Dad had. When he and I met, he was driving this amazing blue jeep. Which, if I'm being honest, had a lot to do with me thinking he was a big ol' studly man (the 60 inch TV didn't hurt either) and causing me to fall head over heels in love with him. We both loved that jeep so much, that when we did tie the knot, we had our wedding pictures taken with it.

Jon with his Dad's Golden Eagle (a '77 maybe?)

With his Dad's CJ5 Renegade...

The jeep that made me fall in love with Jon.... ;)

At our wedding...

Sadly, as it is with life, we had to trade the jeep in for a family vehicle (a MINIVAN no less) after Jason was born. It had become way to difficult to pack up a ready-made-family plus the addition of a new born into a jeep with no air conditioning, living in the south.

A year or two pass and we were finally able to afford to get a second vehicle. Can you guess what it was?

Yup, another jeep!

This time, a white one. We purchased this jeep shortly after Jack was born while living in Charleston, SC and Jon had it until right before we moved from Columbia, SC.

Now we were back to being a one car family when we moved here to Camp Lejeune. It worked out pretty good for us for the most part. It helped us save money, which was one of the goals of going down to a one car family.

There were plenty of downsides of course. Like having to drive EVERYONE's tush around! Finally we got hip to the fact that it would be pretty advantageous for Jon to get a bike (as in bicycle) so I wouldn't have to drive him to and from every day. Seeing as his work is only about 5 minutes up the road and it gives him the extra exercise he wants and it freed me up from feeling like a chauffeur - It was a win-win situation.

But Jon's heart still had a hole in it, left gaping open by lack of jeep ownership.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. We decided that the New Year would be a good time to get our budget back on track and as we planned out our finances, we realized that we would be able to pay down a lot of our debt with Jon's tax return this year (one of the bonus's of being deployed last year), which would free up a lot of extra money for us. It was then decided that it was time to look into a second vehicle for Jon.

So the search was on for a jeep! Only Jon didn't want a new jeep. He wanted an older model, that he could fix up, refurbish and call his own.

There were a few nibbles on the line during the process of securing a jeep. One, we thought would definitely work out.

It was 1981 CJ7, located in Myrtle Beach, SC. Jon and I sent the kids to school and took off to go check this jeep out.

Only it was no longer in MB. It was moved to an auction another hour and a half east of MB.

And it didn't have a top and doors (which would be an easy fix for Jon - he could just order a soft top and doors).

And they seriously expected us to pay an obscene amount of money for a jeep that had obvious serious mechanical problems, not to mention NO TOP OR DOORS!

After a long day of driving to MB, then to Darlington, SC, then back to MB and finally back home, we were STILL jeepless. But it was a smart decision.

Our second nibble came in the form of a 1983 CJ 8, Jeep Scrambler. This one had serious prospects. Jon and the seller had been in contact on and off for a week and the plan was to head over to where he was at (Charlotte, NC) the following weekend (Jon was working nights and that was the only weekend he had off) to purchase the vehicle.  They had made the agreement that Jon would paypal this guy $100 of "Good Faith' money to hold the jeep and take it off the ads. But right before Jon had a chance to do that, the guy sold the Scrambler out from under us to some random guy that just happened to show up. JERK!

Jon's heart was in serious jeopardy of being broken, when what to  his wondering eyes does he see? Another jeep Scrambler ad! This one also located in Charlotte, NC. It is a 1984 CJ8 Scrambler, being sold by a guy that buys jeeps, fixes them up and resells them for hardly anything. Jon immediately jumped on this, emailing and eventually having many conversations over the phone with this 'Good Ol' Boy' from the South.

After examining many photos, scrutinizing details and ensuring that each party was on the up and up, the plan was made to head to Charlotte and bring this beast home!

We borrowed a friends truck and once we hit Charlotte, picked up the trailer that we were going to tow it home in (the jeep didn't have tags or registration yet and we didn't want to risk getting pulled over). We make it out to the guys house and it's LOVE at first sight for Jon!

My fuel to get me through this long day...

 Jon driving the truck on our way to Charlotte...


Check out the studly-ness just oozing out of him right now!

This is Jimmy, who we bought the Scrambler from, driving it up onto the trailer.

Making sure the tires are all the way to the edge.

But with most things, this did not go off without a hitch. Come to find out that the big meaty tires that were on the jeep were just way to big to get the straps around to secure it to the trailer. So we had to let the air out of them for a while. Enough that we could rig something up until we could make it to the Walmart and purchase bigger straps to use.

My job was to let the air out...

 I make this job look GOOD!

Jon with his new toy! He's so happy!

In the Walmart parking lot, after buying better straps.

This was basically our view from behind the whole way home! LOVE IT!

Now 'The Beast' sits in our garage while Jon starts his repair work on it. Yes, eventually Jon will be driving it but there are a few things he needs to do before he'll feel safe doing so. Like rebuilding the carburetor, among other things.

The search is over and Jon is on cloud 9! There are many plans with this jeep, none of it involve ever reselling it! Every year making it better, bigger, stronger, faster....until there's nothing left to improve upon. Then when we're old and gray, our children can fight over who's gonna have this when we die. 

But for now, everyone say a prayer that Jon gets this up and running again soon. I, for one, would actually like to see him DRIVE this jeep in the VERY near future.  I can't wait to go tooling around in it!

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  1. WOO HOO for us and studly Jeep driving men!

  2. I love This post, I love this Jeep, I Love your new blog look and I love you guys!!! Congrats on the amazing beast! Drive it on down to the swamp and take me for a spin! ;)


    I know it's an older post, but still.
    Once a Jeeper, always a Jeeper. It's just a Jeep thing.

    I tried to buy a Scrambler, but el hubby wasn't going for it .. so I bought a Wrangler.