Friday, February 25, 2011

A galaxy far...far...away. At least 6-8 weeks.

How many of us ever really take up those 'send in' offers you see on the back of cereal boxes or toys? I, for one, know that I really never had. I'm sitting here trying to rack my brain, thinking back through my childhood for a time when we sent away for something and honestly, I come up short (Mom/Dad - help me out here? lol).

But for a while now, my son Jack has been collecting Star Wars figures (he pretty much came out wielding a light saber and let me tell you, it wasn't pleasant!) and we noticed that on the packaging there was this little tidbit about a 'Free Boba Fett' with purchase.

The catch is that you had to buy 5 of these specially marked figures, keep the proof of purchases and then send it in along with a check for $6.95 for Shipping and Handling.  So over the course of a few months (Christmas was awesome for this!) Jack slowly collected the 5 guys (plus some) needed to send off for his Boba Fett.

It was an exciting day in the Hammie household when we finally cut that last UPC symbol from the back of the last figure and filled out the form. Then I had Jack carry the envelope containing all the necessary items to the mailbox to mail off.  This was right around January 15, 2011.

We had to explain to him that he wouldn't be getting his Boba Fett for at least '6-8 weeks'. That it would probably be around the beginning March before he'd see it.

Broke his little heart.

Those first few weeks, Jack would race to the mailbox and ask if it was here yet? And each time, we'd have to console him and then remind him that he still had a few more weeks to go.

What's great about time though, is that sometimes you forget about certain things. Or at least it was pushed to the back of his little 6 year old mind.

But as we were getting out of the 'Wonder Van' today, the mailman had just delivered the mail and he was walking up to us, with a box in his hand. I really didn't think too much about it. We've (Jon) has been waiting on a few things he ordered for the jeep and our new audio system for the living room. So imagine my SHOCK when I saw Jack's name on the box.

'Oh my gosh Jack! This package has your name on it! Do you know what that means?!!"

This is when Jack broke into various jumps and flips while shouting with glee - 'My Boba Fett!!!"

After that it was a whirlwind of collecting backpacks, bags and the rest of the mail to get into the house as fast as we could for him to open it.

It almost felt like Christmas morning.

It was all I could do to slow it down so I could try and take some pictures of this momentous moment!

Jack holding up his box...

Look at that happy face!

Ripping it open! Why do they have to use so much tape?!

A box inside a box....

So exciting!!

He finally got it free!

Is this the coolest toy or what?!

Jack getting down to the business of playing...

One the things I love about Jack is that he has a very vivid imagination and he has no trouble whatsoever giving himself over to his very own make believe world. Lots of that time is spent making blow up noises, gun and blaster noises, sounds of various toys being blown up....the list of sounds coming out of this kids mouth is endless. Seriously, I'm surprised that with such animated make-believe noises that he doesn't constantly have drool or spit falling from his mouth. It sounds like a big ol' spit bubble fest with all those noises he makes while playing.

Case in point. Boba Fett is blasting off!

Boba Fett has now become his favorite toy and has taken him everywhere we go. It was well worth the $6.95 spent and the tedious waiting for him to arrive!

PS - HI MOM!!!! ;)

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  1. LOVE it....and I SOOOO love the sound of Jack playing!!

  2. It's great he still has the innocence to enjoy something like that. :) Good for you for following through - I would have been like, "Boba-huh? What UPC stuff?"