Monday, February 7, 2011

Imported from Michigan.

We were watching the SuperBowl on Sunday and since I'm not a big pro ball fan, I only really watching it for the commercials. (I think they're only in it for the $ and not the love of the game. Unlike College ball! GO BLUE!)

So while the game was on, I would be cleaning, getting the kids baths, doing laundry. You know, all the stuff you try to fit in while the commercials are ON. Then I would run back to the living room to catch the commercials.

Some were AWESOME. Some...LAME.  One of my favorites was the Volkswagen Darth Vader one with the little kid trying with all his might to use the force. I CRACKED up at that one. Which I think most of us with kids or who grew up with a million Star Wars figures and posters on our walls, did.

But my absolute favorite commercial of the whole night - No, scratch that - my WHOLE LIFE is the Chrysler/Eminem - Imported from Detroit commercial!

At first, I as like "Is that....Detroit?" Then they said something about 'being made of steel' and I thought, "oh - this is just some Pittsburgh commercial".  But as soon as I saw the 'Spirit of Detroit' statue,  I KNEW that this was DETROIT!

The big guy after the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup.
 Look at him representing!!!

I have a hard time trying to actually describe what I feel about this because it seems silly to have 'emotions' over a commercial. But as I watched it,  I was so PROUD!

That's MY state. 

That's MY big city!

No, I didn't grow up there (Detroit), but that doesn't mean I can't be proud of it. I see that commercial and I see Michigan. But more importantly, I see HOME.

I'm  slowly coming up to a point in my life where I've lived OUT of Michigan more than I have in. (It's been 15 years since moving out of state). But until the day I die, Michigan will ALWAYS be home to me. What I've also noticed is that a lot of my friends who've I've grown up with or gone to school with also feel the same. It doesn't matter if we no longer live in Michigan, there's that love there that anyone who's ever grown up in Michigan knows what I'm talking about.

When I look back on it and see what Detroit is TRYING to do with the commercials, tv shows and the movies - I'm like, "Go kick some Ass Detroit!'  You can really tell in the last couple of years that the city of Detroit has been trying really hard to put itself back out there.
Of course getting ranked the  #2 Most Dangerous City, doesn't really help it's cause. But that's neither here nor there.

The economy has also taken a HUGE toll on the restructuring of the city. I had read/heard that during the census, the ONLY state to lose population was Michigan! Times are tough for a state that relies on the big automakers to keep it afloat. I mean, there's only so much bowling and ice fishing a person can do before they trade in their hunting bows for a Micky D's hat and realize what once worked back in the 80's no longer works now.

But no matter what, I will always love Michigan and if it's Detroit that is representing my state, then I have no choice to but to cheer on the Motor City!

I'm proud to say that I'm Imported from Michigan!

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  1. Freaking Michiganians! OH WAIT Michiganders! LOL!!

    You crack me up!

  2. FYI Detroit is not the 2nd most dangerous city It is now ranked #5 Thing are getting better Dad