Friday, February 18, 2011

Mr. VIP Himself!

Another year...another chance at being VIP.

I love when schools districts carry on the same traditions even when the kids aren't in the same school anymore.

Case in point - you may remember a blog of mine about Jason being VIP last year at JPS? Well, now that he's moved on to Bitz, I'm happy to report that they also have VIP's for these kids as well!

Jason's turn was finally up to be the VIP kid of the week. I do have to say that they don't make it as 'special' as they do for the kids at JPS but what I do like about it, is that instead of letting the parents eat breakfast with the kids in the morning on Friday, they let them come for lunch instead. Now, their choice of what to serve that day is questionable but the point of the matter is, that it gives that VIP a chance to feel special and important when one (or both) of their parents are able to join them for lunch.

Unfortunately for Jason and I, they were serving FISH sandwiches.

Now, normally I wouldn't really have a problem with a fish sandwich - from a GOOD restaurant. But one from a elementary school, yeah....I had to pass on that one. Thankfully, they had a bunch of grilled cheese's hidden in the oven and I asked if Jase and I could have one of those instead.

Jason also received a certificate for his AWESOMENESS, a coupon for a FREE bag of popcorn, a certificate of ACHIEVEMENT with a coupon good for one free kids meal to the Golden (My Dad's gonna be so happy!) and a RAD pencil! SCORE!

After his lunch and awards, I let him pick out a dessert from the ala cart selection of the cafeteria. He opted for a bowl of vanilla ice cream. I then came up with the awesome idea of pouring his strawberry milk in it to make Strawberry ice cream. I totally rule!

Jason at the VIP Lunch table...

Outside his classroom, they display an 'All about Me' poster for whichever kid is VIP that week. It just tells a little about the kid and what's his likes/dislikes are.

Some of my favorite answers that he gave are:

'When I grow up I'm going to be..... A rock sintest."

"Favorite food.....Tie Chicken"

"I ride my bike super good!"


"I show others I care by....helping them".

I love it that the schools here take time out to honor each and every one of these kids. Because to them, it doesn't matter if they're smart, small, tall, boy or girl... each one of these kids gets to be special for one whole week.

Gotta love that!
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