Saturday, March 12, 2011

Basket Bingo!

When someone says to you, "I'm heading out to play some BINGO", does it conjure up an image similar to this:
Or how about this:

To me, images of wrinkled up ol' bitty's, the smell of ben gay mix with bingo cards, daubers and personal good luck charms scattered about and horrible floral dresses with hard to stay put pantyhose come to mind.

Pretty scary, right?

But when the girls and I go play bingo, it looks like THIS:

Check out this group of hot mama's! We make BINGO look GOOD!

About two years ago, we had a huge group of us girls get together and go cause some trouble at Basket Bingo. We had so much fun then, that we had to do it again!

I decided to have all of us meet at my house for a few pre-bingo drinks and to do a little catch up. Most of us have been so busy (or living HOURS away - ERIN!) that it's been a while that we've all been able to get together and be silly.

As everyone got there, Erin and I were still in the process of getting ready. Erin had decided that she wanted to paint her nails and when she finished, it was Jill decided that Erin was going to paint her nails too.  By then, it had turned into an impromptu nail painting party!

JennieBunny (Jb) decided to go with more of an awesome brownish-blue polish.

What good nail party is complete with a few drinks? Karen had volunteered to buy some booze to bring over earlier in the day. So wouldn't you know it, Karen became our official 'Drinkologist' for the evening. Mixing us up tasty treats such as Lemon Drops and Caramel Apple Shots. Sooooo tasty!

Sh-sh-shake it girl, make sure you don't break it girl!

Jb and I getting in some pre-bingo snuggle time...

As we were all drinking, painting our nails and chatting, I decided to pull out the shoes I was going to wear that evening...
Pretty awesome, right?

Everyone then made the comment that I basically towered over them with my glamazon heels on. But what fashion wants, fashion gets! Remember, this isn't your GRANDMA's BINGO!

At that point we all headed outside to get some group shots of us before we left.

Me in my glamazon heels....

Jill and Jb....

I am dying at Erin's face in this picture! If that doesn't say "naughty little minx", I don't know what does!

Pulling out the daubers....

I really couldn't think of any appropriate comments to make about this picture... so we'll let it speak for itself....

And if you didn't know, my Dad is visiting us again from Michigan. So of course I had to get a good picture of us! I invited him to come along but I don't know why he said no.....odd.....

We get to Marston's Pavillion, which really, is only a hop, skip and a jump from my house. We sign in and immediately head for the tables. The last time we all went to Bingo, we got stuck in the VERY last table. For some reason, it was nicknamed the 'Loser' table. Again...I don't know rude!

But happy days! We were able to score a pretty decent table within view of the bingo board. At that point, we were on a mission to secure the buffet. We did not want to miss out on whatever was being served!
Jill getting her seat all sorted out...

One of our Bingo Cards for the evening...

Picture time with Jill and Erin....

and Karen and I.

Jill, me and Karen's EYE!

Jb, Jayme and Karen scoping out the dessert table! YUM!

All I can say is THANK GOD they had a cash bar and that we were pretty much right by it! We made many trips to it that night.


Here's our official flyer for Bingo night, along with a plate of my food (you know how I like to takes pics of my food) and my official beverage of the night....

....Amaretto Sours!

Represent'n Yo!

As luck would have it, Erin ended up making a Bingo off the first game. Unfortunately, so did seven other people. At that point, they made each person who won, pick a card and the two highest won. Poor Erin...she didn't choose wisely....

I did mention that this was actually BASKET bingo, right? Well the reason for that is that it's a fundraiser held by the OWC to raise money for the Charitable Distribution Fund. The way they do this is by auctioning off different themed baskets and special events throughout the night. It's mostly a silent auction but with the really big stuff, they'll do a live auction. The way it's set up, is that at the beginning of the night while we're all congregating, collecting our food from the trough and making our many trips to the bar, we're also scoping out the baskets and writing down our bids for the ones we'd like to win. A few minutes before they start bingo, they close down the auction and we play 3 different games of bingo. After which, we break while those of us who decided to bid, can go back and place more bids.  Also, during this time, they start with the live auction.  They did this three seperate times. We'd play 3 games, break. Another 3 games, break and finally the last round of games with the auctioning off of the REALLY big stuff.

A couple of those really big things being auctioned off was done by two of the clubs that I'm involved with here on base. Gourmet Club and Book Club.

For Book Club, Jill (the president of said club) organized a basket of all the books we've so far read this year, along with anything else that we as a club felt could contribute to this basket. There was a gorgeous 31 Gifts Tote donated by Jill, wine, coffee, bookmarks, bubble bath stuff, and various other things you could use while taking a break and reading a good book. All of it donated by members of the club. Happily, the basket was auctioned off for just under $300.00!!  Gooooo BOOK CLUB!

The Book Club's Basket of Goodies...

My other club, Gourmet Club decided to auction off a dinner, prepared by us members, to be held at General Jensen's home. The premise would be that whomever won, could bring up to 12 people and spend an evening dining on exquisite cuisine prepared by us members, while rubbing elbows with the General and his Wife.  Apparently, this was a HUGE hit and it ended up being a bidding war between two tables with the winning bid ending at $1550.00!! Unimaginable! But so very exciting!

But digressing a little bit. With all this going on inbetween the bingo games, we had plenty of time to goof around and basically be annoying. So that's what we did. What can I say? We're good at it.

Ah, Jb...after so many Ameretto Sours, she started missing her mouth and we had to use the table cloth for her bib. Silly girl!

My dauber clown nose...

We were waiting so long inbetween games, that I grew a mustacheo!

During the evening, Erin had been working pretty hard on re-creating something that happened during our last Basket Bingo experience  - The BEER PYRAMID!

After Erin's uber florescent green Midori Sour, she decided 'To heck with that' and just started working on all those beers it was going to take to make that pyramid. I took pity on her and finished off a brewskey myself.

A metric butt ton of beers later, we have our PYRAMID! All in honor of our friends Gia, and Red (Wendi), who completed the first one two years ago, at this very function.

Did we do you proud ladies?

I guess I *should* put a disclaimer on and tell you that Erin didn't actually drink ALLLLLLLL those beers. We ended up swiping a few from the table behind us. We figured they wouldn't mind, since they didn't mind when we would crumple up our losing bingo paper and chuck it at them. C'est la vie ...

Finally, the night ended with Jb placing the winning bid on a Amazon Kindle basket! Girl was in 7th Heaven!
As a group, we stumbled out of there and made our way home. We dropped of Jill (THANKS JAYME FOR BEING OUR DD), and the rest of us came back to my house where we waited for Karen's hubby Mark, to pick them up.

It was an awesome evening, made wonderful by being with my girls and just being silly!! Better watch out for next year girls, because I plan on investing in some bingo charms, daubers and wearing my best old lady dress! Bring it on BINGO!

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  1. The beauty of Bingo is it isn't hard to look good, regardless of how much beer is consumed.
    I'm thinking a wine pyramid is in order for next year.

    And your shoes rock!

  2. OMG! I love these pics and they make me so sad at the same time!!! You all looked stunning and I LOVE your eff me heels hooker! Miss and love you lots! MUAH!