Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jump In Jax Karate Celebration

One of the things I love about Jason's Karate class is that they like to hold group parties for all class levels to hand out promotions and awards. It's like a little treat for the kids to change it up and have class somewhere completely different and merge the classes so that the Lil' Dragon's can train with the Advance class. All the kids love it.

This time, they held the promotion/awards/class at Jump In Jax on the outskirts of Jacksonville. It's one of those cute little businesses that have big indoor bounce houses. Perfect for any type of party.

When we first got there,  it was mad chaos! Kids running, screaming.....parents segregated into different groups. It was almost like a little slice of Hell on Earth. Pretty much the kids got to run around and play on the bounce houses for a good hour and half and then the Sensei corralled all the kids and held a special class that paired up an Advance Student with a Lil' Dragon.

Cassie and I killing time while the kids played....

Dad playing with his iPhone, trying not to die of boredom.

Cassie finally convince me to let her go jump with the little kids...

Jason just coming down from one of the slides...

Jack going up one....

Most of the kids from all classes....

Here Jason is teamed up with his 'Lil' Dragon'.

Jason is probably LOVING the power he has at this moment!

But then, he decided to get down and show that 'Lil' Dragon how to do a proper push up.

Now it's time for the Advance Class to show off some moves...


Wax on...wax off!

After the kids all showed us their awesome moves, it was time for them to eat and to hand out awards. Jason got promoted to GREEN belt and was awarded the smallest trophy EVER!

Now it was time to go get some grub! We have been there for since 4pm and it was now past 8. We were STARVING!!! It was a great idea for the get together but man, it seemed like it went on FOREVER!  But the best part is that Jason has met his goal that he set the day he started Karate. He's made it to Green belt! Way to go bud!!!!  Now he gets to rock a new black uniform and work toward his Black belt!

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