Thursday, March 10, 2011

A perfect afternoon...

Today, one of my friends, Madeline (and President of Gourmet Club) invited those of us who are cooking this month for Gourmet Club to her house to try out the dishes we chose and to taste test everything.

Madeline and I are both making the entree this month. (There are two houses that we cook at, so there will be 2 sets of cooks each). This month's theme is 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding', so of course we're cooking up some Greek food!

This month, I (along with Madeline) will be making "Phyllo-wrapped Chicken with Egg-Lemon Sauce (Kotopita with Avgolemeno Sauce).


Everyone started arriving at Madeline's around 10am. It's the perfect day for cooking. The weather is horrible, it's pouring rain! And nothing says 'Cozy-Comfort' like cooking with friends in a warm, clean and cozy home while listening to the rain come down outside.

One of the Hostess (Connie) this month is bona fide Greek! Her parents were born in Greece and her first language was actually Greek. So she became our Greek expert. While we were having our planning meeting last week, she guided us in making the correct choices for authentic greek recipes. She was more than happy to show up at Madeline's and walk us through the process of making some of these dishes.

I love days like this. Surrounded by friends, chit chatting and cooking! Madeline and I (with the help of Connie) started on our dish. It is a very drawn out process and the kicker is that it'll probably take all day to wrap all the rolls. Cooking is SUCH a labor of love sometimes...

 This is the filling that goes inside the phyllo wraps. Boiled chicken, with celery and onions mixed with a Bachamel Sauce. Yummy!

Another one of our cooks, Abby was in charge of making the beef and lamb meatballs with tzatziki sauce.

Here Madeline is taking her turn brushing one of the thousands sheets of phyllo with melted butter. Nothing says healthy like butter and

This is a White Bean Soup that Jilly beany good!!

I started working on the Avgolemeno Sauce. Basically it's an egg-lemon sauce. It is SO very delicious!

Grating some lemon, which turns out was a wasteful task. We didn't even need the zest, just the juice! But we put it to good use later.

Our finished product. Now, this is a test run so our final dish may turn out to be a bit different on the day of the luncheon but all I know is that these little phyllo-wrapped rolls of utter deliciousness were pure HEAVEN! This is definitely a dish I will make again on my own!

After we were mostly finished (well, okay before we even got close to finishing) we cracked open some bottles of wine and finished up our dishes, tasted everything and figured out what needs to be changed before the luncheon.

I'm sure there'll be a post about our actual luncheon. This is the last month for this 'year'. Next month is our end of year luncheon where we'll all bring some sort of dish (pot luck) to pass and vote on our favorite recipes of the year. I'm also cooking for this last month, so you KNOW I've got to get that documented!

All I know is that we need to have more days like today!

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  1. LOVE your apron! Makes me feel like I am still there......

  2. Labor of love indeed; after having made all this at school I can feel your pain - but it is SOOO worth it! And you even got to do it with friends! Now that would have rocked. ....and you got to drink while you were doing it. ;)