Thursday, March 10, 2011


Yesterday, after a long exhausting day running around and then celebrating Justin's birthday (my cutie nephew that just turned 8 years old), we all finally got home around 7pm. Jason needed to finish up his school project (there'll be a post about that) and Jack needed to get started on his homework. Normally, homework is the very first thing the kids do after they get out of school. It's snack, potty then homework. But today turned out different.

On Wednesdays, the kids (elementary ones anyway) always get out at 1:45pm. My sister had asked to see if we wanted to join her and her kids, plus my Dad (who's visiting) up at this place called 'Jump in Jax'. It's kinda like a warehouse that has a bunch of different type of blow up bounce houses. But...we wouldn't know. Unfortunately, when we got up there we found out that they had closed the whole place down for a birthday party. JERKS!

From there we drove back to my sister's house where all the kids played for a bit. Then around 5 or so we headed out to dinner. Since it was Justin's big day, he got to pick where he'd like to eat. So off to the Golden we went!

Let me just say that there used to be a time in my younger, naive kind of days where I thought going to places like these were awesome! But now, all I see are a bunch of young, snot covered kids putting their germ infested hands all over the food. Of course there are some adults there too that REALLY make ya question if bathing is part of their normal routine.

But what Justin wants, Justin gets.

After we all pushed about 5 tables together, the kids and I headed out to pick out our food. I thought I had done a pretty decent job with it. Some bbq chicken, marshmallow covered sweet potatos, baked potato and a few other odds-n-ends.

Finally we're all sitting down eating and I had started digging into my chicken. A few bits in, I stick my fork in to pull out some meat and what do I find instead? A LONG BLACK HAIR!


And before you think it, NO it was not mine. This was REALLY black and it was all wrapped up in the meat.


I pretty much lost my appetite after that. I was able to muscle my way through the roll and the sweet potatoes but that was about it.

I wasn't even going to get dessert but after getting Jack a bowl of it, I decided that I should have a nice nutty caramel sundae. But then, after a few bites in, Nicole and Cory's nephew Jordan, took a bite of a gum drop and ended up pulling out one of his molars with it.

Blood all over!

He rushed to the bathroom. I pushed my dessert aside and called it a bust.  Absolutely lost every aspect of my appetite. Bleh....

Finally, we roll out of the Coral and head BACK to Nicole's house again for cake and ice cream and for Justin to open his gifts. After it's all said and done, we finally get back home a little after 7pm.

Jason only had a few things left to do for his poster board that he was working on. So it was really no issue for him to knock that out. But Jack's homework was a little more tedious. On Mondays and Wednesday, he has to do 'Literacy' homework. Basically it's writing sentences based on what that days assignment was. His assignment that night was to write 10 verbs describing himself then uses those verbs in a paragraph.

Let me just say, I was tired. Jack was EXHAUSTED and we both wished we could of skipped it that night. He just did not want to put the effort forth and Jon and I were almost ripping our hair out while he was pouting! At one point, he stomped off to his room where I yelled at him to stop being lazy and to actually use his brain and TRY to think of words!

Fast foward about 45 minutes later. I walk by the front door (which is open ) and I notice a large zip lock bag taped to the door. At this point, I just cringe! I know that this means we were FLOCKED and I also know that more than likely, while they were arranging all those flamingos in my yard, I was probably busy yelling at Jack.


Nothing worse than thinking someone overheard you not being the ideal parent.

But I grabbed the kids and we all went outside to look at the flamingo's scattered across the yard.  If any of you loyal readers remember, my friend (and then neighbor) Erin and I got joint Flocked, the night before Easter. I was so happy to get Flocked again!

So this morning after I took the kids to school, I grabbed the camera and headed outside to take a few pictures of our lawn ornaments.

I love these ones!  It's like they were the drunken birds of the flock and just didn't quite make the landing....

Then you got this guy who's happy as a clam being a peeping tom into Jason's bedroom window!

Just like last year, this was a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society and they ask for a donation all in good fun. In the ziplock baggie was the form I needed to fill out, a piece of paper explaining what 'Flocking' was all about and a cute little picture for me to tape to my door.

So glad that we get to stay here another year - I can't wait to get Flocked again!

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  1. OK, I totally read that wrong the first time.

    ... but GET to stay another year .. wassup? They thinking of shipping you guys out? (I obviously have no idea how it all works.)

    Hair. Food. Been there. We all have days like that hon, don't stress it. Even if they heard you yelling at the kids, chances are they could relate.
    Heck, you should hear us get into it with the 18 year old ... OY to the VEY.
    Aside from that, I'm clueless in regards to the whole flamingo thing .. despite having lived in Florida as long as I have.