Friday, April 15, 2011

A girl and her Mama.

A long time least 30 or more, lived an adorable little girl with ribbons made of thick yarn in her pig tails and freckles that covered her nose. This little girl lived with her family who loved her and who she loved with all her heart.
But as it is with most little girls, this little girl thought the moon and the stars of her Momma.  This little girls Mama always seemed to have a smile on her lips and a dance in her step. Which made the little girls childhood always full of fun and laughter.

There was the time the little girl and her Mama spent on lazy afternoon making a Bugs Bunny cake. Momma always encouraging and showing her daughter how to measure out the sugar, flour and eggs. Laughing and being silly as they greased the pan and poured the thick batter in. Then once the cake came out of the oven, Mama and the little girl spent the rest of the afternoon carefully applying details with different colored frosting to make a cake that would always be tucked into the little girls memory as one of her best days with her Mama ever!

In fact, as an adult the little girls Mama would say that the little girl got her love of cooking from her Grandma. But this little girl, now a grown woman and a mama herself knew that it all started with that day, with a Bugs Bunny cake.

But that is rushing ahead in our story.....

The little girl also had a brother and sister. On the Monday's when their father would join his local bowling team for a night of manly things, the little girls Mama (along with the brother and sister) would rejoice! For these were the nights where Mama declared it was time for the 'Monday Night Dance Party'!  Music was plugged into the stereo, and hours were spent dancing the evening away to various songs. Generally hilarity and absolute silliness was always the norm. Mama wouldn't want it any other way!

Every day the little girl grew bit by bit, surrounded in love and family. And as is the case with most little girls, this particular little girl had to grow up. Navigating the years between childhood to teenager seemed to be a pretty easy one for both the Mama and the little girl. For the now teenager, her Mama was still the light of her eyes! Her Mama never became the type of Mom a lot of the other girls had. Her friends were always welcomed and her Mama always made sure they had a great time! In fact, a lot of the teenagers friends loved her Mama almost as much as the teenage girl did. Which made the teenager happy! In her life (as she knew it at the time), her Mama and her friends were everything to her.

Of course there were typical teenage struggles between the two. Growing up is never easy for either the Mama or the teenager. Such things as grades, curfew and then later on, boys were really the only thing the two of them ever really struggled with. But as it is with all wonderful Mama's, this one made sure the little girl knew she was loved. Even after all the mistakes all teenagers make.

Time rolled by and this teenager was now a young adult woman, with a little girl and a husband of her own. During this time, the young woman's Mama was always there for her. Offering her advice, showing her how to take care of her own young baby,  spending endless amount of time on the phone with her since the young woman now lived hours away.
It was a hard transition for the young woman. She was excited to have a family of her own and yet she missed her Mama with all her heart.

 Her Mama always tried to make the most of it for the both of them. Always making sure the young woman was taken care of when times were hard for the new family. Mama often took long vacations to come and visit her daughter and after a while the daughter realized that she had the best of both worlds - A loving Mama and a Friend! She was one lucky daughter indeed!!

Now as a 30-something year old daughter, this woman who went from ribbons in her hair to putting ribbons in her own daughters hair had realized a lot of things about her own Mama.

She realized that her Mama worked very hard to help provide such loving home for her and her siblings. She never knew of any kind of trouble the Mama and Father had concerning typical family things, because they were always made to feel safe, loved and secure. She now knew her Mama gave up a lot of herself to provide for her family and that she strived to be more than just a Mom. She is the best friend, the best co-worker, the best part of any group. She  always tries to make everyone feel comfortable, putting aside any uncertainty on her part to provide the best for any and all. This wasn't because it was a part of her job to be as such but because deep down, it is the very core of who her Mama is.

Looking back through the years the now 30-something daughter, could see things much more clearly. Especially now when her own daughter is a teenager. The daughter now understands and respects why her Mama had to be tough on her about her grades, her curfew and the boys. Even if as a teenager herself, she didn't live up to those expectations, she knew that her Mom accepted and loved her as she was and because of that, the now grown daughter knew how to do the same for her own daughter.

Her Mama has taught her so much on what it means to be a Mama and a woman. The daughter knows that without the love, the laughter, the feelings of being so safe that she could be whatever it was she wanted, that she wouldn't be who she is today. She wouldn't be all these things that the Mama is proud of, if it wasn't for the Mama herself.

She has shown her so many things. From baking a cake to showing her how to give her own newborn daughter her first bath. From creating silly nights of nonsense to showing incredible strength in the moments of deep despair. She learned all these things from her Mama. These things and so many more.

So it is with much love and a mountain full of thankfulness to God that her Mama is her Mama, that this now 30-something daughter wants to mark this day.  Because today is a special day indeed....

Today is Mama's birthday!

And every year, every day, every moment, whether the daughter is consciously thinking about it or not - she is so very lucky to be blessed with her Mama. And she wants her Mama to know that even though they lived hours apart for many, many years now, she ALWAYS, every day, every moment MISSES and LOVES her Mama with all her heart. She can only hope to be as half a good as a Mama to her own kids as her Mama is to her.

Happy Birthday Mama. You are the BEST Mama I could of ever of asked for. I love you.

Happy Birthday Mom! I hope you loved your blog post dedicated to YOU!

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  1. Amazing.....just amazing.....<3

  2. Awww! I'm crying and I don't even know your Mom! This is an awesome post Stacey and one I hope my daughter can write about me one day. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Awwww, that makes me want to cry....and go call my Mama! What an amazing and beautiful post that you dedicated to your Mama. I just know that she cried like a baby when she read this too. And I can't believe how much Cassie looks like you! The pictures of you as a kid look just like Cassie! And the pictures at the end of the post - who is that? That is Cassie and Jason right?

  4. Thank you everyone! She's had a busy day today so she hasn't had a chance to read it yet. I hope she likes it. I worked super-duper hard on it, lol!

    @Jill - Yes, the picture toward the end is her with Cassie and Jason.

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! What an aweosme post! An awesome Mama and an awesome daughter! She done raised you right girl! :)

  6. Cassie and Jason ... LOL, I was about to comment on how similar you and your kids looked at that age!
    What a dork I am.
    Beautiful dedication from a beautiful mama in her own right.

    ... and I don't know why I'm never notified when you post - I've done all the Subscribing ... dang blogger.

    Anyway - Beautiful!