Friday, April 8, 2011

It's a beautiful day for a Picnic!

Today was turning out to be an absolutely beautiful day down here in the south. Temperatures would be reaching around 75 degrees, there was a slight breeze in the air and the skies were clear and sunny!

It would be the perfect day for a picnic!

What made this day even a little more special was the fact that my middle child, Jason had to stay home from school. He came down with a small case of 'Pink Eye' (ewwwww). We noticed it on Wednesday when he came home from school. He had mentioned that he thought he had gotten something in his eye and had been rubbing it all day. I was kinda hoping against hope that that was indeed the case. But when he woke up the next morning, I just knew he had pink eye. Being the responsible Mama that I try to be, I decided not to send him to school where he could spread it around faster than gossip in a knitting circle.  Instead I made a doctor's appointment to get him on some meds. His appointment wasn't until 1:40pm that day so when the doctor said that he wasn't allowed to go back to school for 24 hours, it pretty much sealed the deal that he'd missing out on school that next day as well.

And just to add salt to the wound, wouldn't you know it? It was picture day on Friday too! UGH!

Poor J...missing out on school (and he told me that he hates to miss it because he loves his math class so much - he definitely doesn't get that from ME!) and Picture Day all because of PINK EYE! (Ewww!)!!!!

So when I was tucking him into bed Thursday night, I told him we'd make Friday a special Mommy-Daddy-Jason day and go on a picnic. He loved the idea!

In the morning, Jon had to go into work for a few meetings and in the mean time, Jason and I got ourselves breakfast, I worked out, and then we cleaned the house and made it sparkle! Gotta love a kid that loves to vacuum! When Daddy got home, I made us all a brilliant lunch made up of Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, chips, rice krispy treats and drinks. YUMMY!

We decided to ride our bikes to the nearby soccer fields that are right on the water to enjoy our delish picnic!
Jase and I digging into our sammy's....

J striking his pose on the rocks....

While the boys were playing around, I decided to try and get my first sunburn of the season...

After a while, Jon decided to join me....

And then Jason wanted to get in on some snuggle time....

Check out our view! LOVE IT!

Jason said he had to take a picture of us with my hair blowing in the wind. He said I reminded him of the  super hero movies with all the hair blowing! lol

After lunch and sunning ourselves, we walked a little farther down the fields to a pier. It looked a little risky but we decided we wanted to walk to the end and see what we could.

Luckily, it wasn't going to be a far drop if one of those rickety boards decided to give out. And even though you could see the bottom, unfortunately all we could see was mud, seaweed and the occasional boulder.

When we got to the end of the pier, I tried to talk the boys into sitting on the edge with their backs facing me so I could get a sweet father-son picture. But they both refused passionately! I guess the 'Beware of Alligator' sign at the beginning of the pier freaked them out a bit. What a bunch of babies!

We finished up our lovely afternoon by enjoying our bike ride back home.
Jon's got mad skills taking a pic while riding a bike at the same time. Who knew he was so talented?

We had a great afternoon and vowed to do this again with the whole family! And if you're wondering....Yes! We all ended up kissed by the sun. We're all a little pink today, lol! But it was worth it to spend a few hours in blissful contentment.

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