Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jedi Training - Hollywood Studios

There will be a few things I'll really remember about this vacation and one of them will be this -


As soon as the gates opened up for Hollywood Studios, we booked it to where we could go sign up the boys for Jedi Training. I was pretty worried that they wouldn't make the cut since everywhere I looked online didn't say whether or not it was only once a day thing or multiple times a day thing. (It's multiple!)

We finally get to the head of the line in the Ewok Village and the kids are able to be a part of the 11am show. We needed to be back by 10:30 to get them in place, costumes, etc....

I'll go ahead and post the video of the whole training class. It was amazing! I seriously (and don't laugh) had tears in my eyes when it was all said and done. What an awesome thing for the boys to participate in and I'm really hoping it'll be something they'll always remember! Not to mention, I thought it was a hoot! Why can't they let the big kids in on the fun???

And now for your viewing pleasure..... (PS - don't forget to turn off the sound from my music player!)

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