Friday, May 13, 2011

103rd Navy Nurse Corp Birthday Ball

On Friday Jon and I got to get all gussied up for a celebratory night at the O'Club. It was the 103rd Navy Nurse Corp Birthday and seeing as my man is the most awesomest MURSE that ever lived, we only thought it appropriate that we go! Plus that, we hardly ever turn down an opportunity to get dolled up!

It was a super bright sunny day so we're both a little squinty here...


As much as I love my husband, like most guys he's not always hip to the details. Which is why we arrived about 45 mins BEFORE the festivities actually started.

Here we are killing some time in the Wonder Van before heading inside...

Once we decided to head inside, Jon thought it perfect time to get a full length picture of me in my $20 dress....

An idea on what our tables looked like...

Nice, simple table scape....

The cake...(which BTW was DELICIOUS!)

The cake table with the sword to cut it with...silly Navy folk and their traditions....

Our good friend Clint was our waiter for the evening. He suggested a nice red to go with our meal...

Haha, Just kidding! He wasn't our waiter. That's what ALL the guys looked like. Only in the Navy can you confuse an Officers Dress uniform with that of waiters or a Love Boat Captains.

A sweet picture of Jon and I...

The boys goofing off...Bless their hearts!

Ok, so we all know I like to take pictures of my food. But this one really does take the cake! I ordered the 'meat'. You had choice of meat, seafood or vegetable and since I'm not so keen on seafood and I wanted something more to eat than vegetables, I went with the meat plate. BAD choice! Which to me, is a little surprising! I've eaten at the O'Club plenty of times and most times I'm pretty pleased with the food. But this had to be the most disgusting thing I've ever tried there! It was a slab of pasty mystery meat and a chicken breast? (I'm guessing here...) Covered in a BBQ sauce reduction with CAPERS! Who does that?! I mean, LOOK at the meat here! Does it not look rubbery and just NASTY to you?! Oh and apparently they tried to jazz up the mystery beef by wrapping it in bacon. Undercooked bacon, mind you. BARF! I'm all about a good Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon but this was NO WHERE close! Suffice to say, I didn't eat my $35 plate of crap.

Gross...Really, capers?! I'm just dumbfounded. Capers with bbq sauce. OY VEY!

Of course like all  branches of the military, us Navy fools have our own traditions as well. (Which I'm sure other branches do similar things). When it came time for the cake cutting,  we had the officer with the most time in and the officer with the least amount of time in do the honors of slicing and dicing it up.

We had a wonderful time! Even though I really didn't know anyone there, I made it a point to go up to people I thought I'd have fun with and make them do the Cha Cha Slide with me. Jon even got up there with me and danced out a few songs.  Us, along with a few others ending up closing the place down with a few tequila shots and lots of laughs!
A few days later, we saw that the ball made semi-headline news in the local military paper - The Globe.
A much better picture of the cake cutting that was in the paper... (look I'm in the back!)
Photo by Cpl. Jonathan G. Wright

Also in actual paper itself (not the online version though) they featured a picture of Jon....

I actually had a few more pictures that were taken that night but as the evening wore on and the sillier (read: more drunk) we became, the pictures kept turning out blurrier and blurrier. Oh well! We're very much looking forward to the next hospital function - A Night at the Movies! Jon is helping plan out the festivities for this and it'll be kinda like an Oscar's Night Event. Everyone is invited! We're both so excited for another chanced to get our 'fancy' on!
BTW - They're gonna have a Raspberry-Champagne fountain with edible glasses! You DO NOT want to miss it!

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  1. OMG! LOVE the dress, shoes, purse and hair! You rocked it girl! I also LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the cha cha slide! :)

  2. You did look gorgeous but that plate of food, not so much! Can't believe that was served to you at the O'Club. Where was Chef Erik?

  3. Dang it, it still won't notify me when you post!
    ANYWAY. Your as beautiful as ever, and you two look wonderful! the food ... W.T.F.? I actually can understand some capers blended (as in not whole!) into BBQ sauce, but whomever made that needs to be schooled. UGH. I've seen better stuff come out of a can of dog food. So sorry! Bleah!
    And what the heck is a cha cha slide?