Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beach Field Day for Jack

Today was Jack's Field Day for his Shark Team. They decided to have it at the beach, which would of been a great idea if it hadn't decided to be the HOTTEST day of the year. Then on top of that, there was absolutely NO WIND at the beach! Which is odd...there's always a breeze..... But anyway, we got there around 9 in the morning and while we waited for the buses to arrive, Jon and I walked along the beach, took in some pictures and enjoyed the calm before the storm.

Once the buses arrived, we all met at the seashells (the little rental shacks on the beach) to arrange our game plans and wait for the teachers to set up the relay stations. Each kid was given a water bottle to keep on them at all times because of the heat and Mrs. Eve, (Jack's Teacher) was super glad Jon was there in case any of the kids ended up with heat exhaustion.

Jacks first station was the Sand Castle station. Here all the kids got to use various buckets, shovels and such to try and build their castles. It was an excellent station to start with.

While wandering down to the surf and back, we came across this poor crab. Rest in Peace little buddy!

Jack working on his mounds of sand...

Next it was time to line up the kids for their chance at the relay races....

I wish you could see this picture better, his face is priceless!

Run Jack Run!!

There was also kite flying, shark teeth hunting and lunch all piled into the day. But unfortunately, our camera died on us so we weren't able to get those pictures! Although the day was extremely hot, the kids had a great time and we kept them all well hydrated! Jack loved having us there and especially because we bought him a lunchable to have as his lunch! He over the moon about that! The kids loaded back up onto the buses around 1:30 and as soon as Jon and I got home, I hit the shower! I can't believe how hot, grimy, sweaty and dirty you can get from just one afternoon at the beach!

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  1. Is it like Florida where the sand actually blisters your feet?
    It's great they do that with the kids there - Florida seriously misses out. One weird thing though, in Florida they always had an end of year trip. Here they don't do anything! But then, Nathan has yet to actually graduate. A word of advice, make sure they all graduate BEFORE they turn 18.
    Buy YEAH for Jack!