Thursday, May 19, 2011

Check out the new grill - ie, Cassie gets her braces off!

Two years ago, I signed away my life savings and Cassie had her braces put on.  Today, after many appointments, head gear, rubber bands and Advil, she finally gets to get them off!

Here she is, 2 years ago before her appointment to get them on...

Right afterwords...
I have to hand it to her, she was very responsible with her braces. I think she knew that the better she followed directions, the quicker she could get them off. And we absolutely loved her Orthodontist - Coastal Carolina Orthodontics, otherwise known as Smile Makers. In fact, Jon and I both very much looked foward to taking Cassie to her appointments. Not only do they have the coolest offices, with huge flat screen tv hanging above the chair so the patients can watch TV while the dentists do their work but they have a game room full of Wii's, Xbox's, Playstations so that the little kids can be occupied. But the BEST was that they put a cafe inside the dental offices. They had little table and chairs, with a Keurig so you could brew yourself a delish cup of coffee and they provided HOMEMADE chocolate chip cookies! FRESH!! I loved Ortho mornings. I'd drop the boys off at school and take Cassie to her appointment, where I got quiet 'ME TIME", drinking coffee, eating a cookie and reading trashy magazines. I'm actually going to miss that....

Sadly (for me), it was one of the last times I'd be able to enjoy this little luxury. Cassie on the other hand could barely sleep she was so excited! The appointment itself took a little over an hour. They needed to remove her braces and fit her for her retainer that is permanently tucked behind her upper and lower front teeth. It's like a little wire that you really don't even notice. Nothing like the massive, awkward, disgusting retainers I had to wear as a kid.

Here she is before the big reveal....

 Doesn't she look BEAUTIFUL?! But truth be told, I'm going to miss all those nasty little mulitcolored rubber bands that she would leave all around the house. Ha! Totally lying! Sooooo glad I no longer have to look at them on the bathroom sink, floor or tub or laying around the coffee table where she decided to pop them out while eating a bedtime snack. JOY!!!!

Anyway, what cracked me up the most was that when we were checking out, the receptionist returned with this HUGE bag of candy and treats to give her. Inside was all the stuff (gum, popcorn, sticky candy....) she wasn't allowed to eat since she was wearing the braces. She also got this groovy tshirt that ROCKS!

A few days later, I got a letter in the mail thanking us for being patients and saying how they hope we're happy with Cassie's outcome. On the letter they had a picture of her teeth before and after...

It might be hard to see in this picture but man, that girl had an overbite from HELL didn't she? 

And finally, what really got to me was when I saw these pictures she posted on her Tumblr site...


What a difference 2 years makes and I'm not just talking about the braces. The change in her is just amazing. Sadly (for this Mama here) she looks about 2 years older now, almost 17 (She'll be 16 in November).

They grow up too fast. 

So for all my friends with little ones, REALLY cherish this time with them. It really does fly by and before you know it you're looking for chasity belts on the internet.

I'm not even joking.

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  1. YIKES! She just went from teen to jail bait; what a knock-out!! I haven't found any chastity belts either, so if you do .. I'm totally needing one for my little angel (haha).
    A few of those pics actually look like Ash ... only blond. Weird.
    It does go by fast. Nate is 18, Ash will be 15 on june 20th. Only, she looks like she's 22 ... and has the Playboy Bunny boobs and figure to make those dirty old men think she's fair game.
    They hate it when you scream, "Jail Bait A**H***!" .. the men don't like it either.
    When did we pass the mantle of "Hottie" to our daughters? ... and now we're just those old cougars.