Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Katy Perry Concert - Take 2!

Two weeks later and it's off to my second Katy Perry concert. This time with the family and minus the costume. For this concert, I took a page from her 'Last Friday Night' video and rocked the neon colors! I got my sister into the act as well as Cameron! But to tell the truth, this time the concert was more about watching Cassie and Alyssa enjoy it more than anything else. As I'm sure it was like that for Nicole too, since this was Cameron's first concert as well.

Since there were a total of 7 of us going, when I bought the tickets I had to break up the numbers to 3 and 4 per order. So it was Cassie, Alyssa and I for one set of tickets. Mom, Kurt, Nicole and Cameron for the other set.

Anyway, remember when I said it was the summer of the Rock-N-Roll hand sign? Well, it was obviously the case for tonight. There were a ton of pictures where we're  all throwing it around like a rag doll!

Case in point....

Since we were all looking FANTASTIC, we grabbed our official photographer of the trip (Jon) and had him snap a few photos of us. Cassie also took a lot on her iphone. So for your viewing pleasure, here are all of our 'before the concert' photos...

Alyssa working her signature pose...

Don't they look awesome?! BEAUTIFUL girls I have here!

Mom working the elbow on the hip pose!
Ugh....I'm a dork!

Cameron throwing around his gang sign...


A few group shots of us!

Rock-n-roll baby!

Nothing says Rock-n-Roll like the duck face....geesh....

Enough with the rock-n-roll fingers already!


Nicole and her 'sexy' face! lol

Sisters...sisters...there were never such devoted sisters....

Finally, we jump in my minivan and get rowdy! Headed down to the Palace!


As we walk in there's this huge banner of the Bieber. If you know my girls, you know they are seriously IN LOVE with this dweeb. I can't even tell you how many times they've seen the 'Never say never' movie. I honestly wish I could bleach my ears....BUT because they love him so, they had to have their picture with this....

Like I said earlier, this was a concert that I knew the girls would just love! It was great watching their faces and seeing them act all silly! It was almost as good as the concert.

So Mom and them had tickets that were somewhere above us. I had thought that they were more off to the side of us and it while we were waiting for Katy to come on stage, we kept texting back and forth trying to figure out where we were all at. Finally, I picked up the clue phone and looked up and there there were right above us!

LOL! Say 'hi'!!

Gives you an idea on where we were at. But I swear, when we were there it seemed MUCH closer than what this picture depicts.

While we were there, I was on the hunt down for anyone who dressed up like I did the first concert I went to. Sadly, we only really saw this gal here, who just so happened to be lucky enough to get onstage with Katy. Boy was I spitting jealous too! Everyone (especially the girls) told me not to wear my costume but as soon as they realized that we probably would of had a chance to go on stage they told me I should of worn it! Oh well...what I really do regret is not wearing my awesome shoes! It would of totally rocked with my outfit!

And to end, a few pictures Cassie took with her iTouch. Blurry, but you get the idea....

And there ends my Katy Perry experience! I had a GREAT time at both concerts and I can't really say one was better than the other. I loved going both times! It was hilarious and fun getting dressed up with my girls and it was amazing watching my daughter and her friend take in their first concert. I am one lucky gal!

Now...enough of the rock-n-roll hand signs!

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  1. Beiber?! Ugh .. I would disown my child - LOL!
    You were totally snowed in not being put up on stage the last time around - because your outfits were WAY better than hers.

    Ash is into stuff I can't stand, so there aren't any fun concerts in our future together - except Elvis. He's like family glue.

  2. Sorry .. BIEBER .. I DID mention I wasn't a fan .. ;)