Saturday, June 25, 2011

Take me out to the ball game...on my parents 40th Anniversary!

Almost every summer, we like to make a trip home to Michigan to visit the folks, enjoy the weather and generally just be content to spend time with loved ones. But this year, there was another reason all together to be headed to the 'Mitten' state - My parents 40th Wedding Anniversary!

Their Anniversary luckily fell on a Sunday so we had all decided to make a big weekend out of it. The planning for this started way back in February. The siblings and I knew that we wanted to do something big for them and had been tossing around ideas left and right but we just couldn't find something that fit. Finally, after asking the parentals what they'd like to do/see/go to for their big day, Mom gave us a call and said that her and Dad talked it over and they wanted to have a big family picnic to celebrate. Invite everyone they loved and just spend the day with them. But they also suggested that since everyone would be making the trek to come see them, that perhaps going to a ball game would be another fun thing to go do. The siblings and I talked it over and decided that that would be the way to go with things. At that point, I compiled a list of all our family and friends and sent out a mass email asking them if they'd like to celebrate their anniversary with us by heading down to Detroit for a Tiger's Game and then coming to a picnic at their home the next day. I received an overwhelming YES response to it all from everyone and so I set off on finding out how to reserve group tickets at the stadium and setting that all up.

Through the course of the next couple of months, I made arrangements for the Tigers game, collecting money from everyone going, and started planning for the Anniversary Picnic the next day.

In May, I got the final count of the number of people attending the game (29), paid for the tickets and set about finalizing plans with the siblings for the get together for the day after the game (which will be another blog). All that was left was making sure we had our Tiger's shirts, hats and getting out booties to Michigan!

We left on Wednesday, June 22nd to make the all day drive to Michigan. That way we'd have a couple of days before the weekend to do any last minutes errands and finalize anything else that needed done.

Finally Saturday was upon us and it was time for the game and since we were all so super adorable in our Tiger's get up (complete with bows and Tiger ears), we just had to get some pictures taken.

Cassie and her BFF Alyssa...

My sister Nicole and I messing around and being a little...well...inappropriate! But that's how we roll!

While Nicole and I were upstairs acting silly, the boys decided it was a good time to jam-pile on Uncle Kurtiss.

Jack coming in for the kill! Check out Kurt's face!

A few more shots of Nicole and I getting in some sisterly bonding...

 I just love my sissy...

 So apparently, this was the summer of the 'rock-n-roll' hand sign. Here's Nicole sporting it and I know I have A LOT of pictures of myself doing the same. What can I say? We're gangsta like that...

Finally, we settled down long enough to get some sort of family pictures done. Whether or not we had the whole family in the actual picture didn't really matter, lol!
Nicole with her boys, Cameron and Justin (Peyton is MIA at the moment).

And finally us Hammies!

 Now, us siblings! Kurtiss, me and Nicole...

I love this next few pictures! I have no idea what Cassie is doing and Kurtiss's face is priceless!!!

Alyssa was feeling left out so Cassie gave her some extra lovin's...

Pretty much during that whole time, Mom and Dad were entertaining some family that had stopped by to do a quick visit before we all piled into our separate cars and headed down to the Big D. Finally Mom had enough of our nonsense and it was time to go!

We make it to downtown Detroit (Holla), where you DO NOT pass GO and you DO NOT collect $100 because if you stop, you may just get shot.  Luckily, we were able to secure a nice parking lot right next to the stadium.

Everyone piling out of our respective vehicles...

Again with the obnoxiousness....

Walking to the entrance of the stadium...

I love all the Tigers! I haven't been to very many stadiums, but I think CoAmerica Park is one of the BEST!

A view of the city from where we were waiting to get in...

That Tiger has a ball in his mouth!



A pic of Mom and Dad with Justin photo sniping along with my cousin Jamie, his lovely girlfriend Amanda and their beautiful daughter Bree...

The carousal inside the stadium. It's tradition that we always have the kids take a ride on it.

All of us waiting for the kids to finish up their play time so we can start ours...

Did I mention that it was Country night in the Big D? Of all the nights to pick for a big group of us to go....sigh...But at least, I got to cross something off my bucket list. I rode a bull! That's right big boys! I grabbed that bull by the horns and tried not to get my cookies tossed!

Whoo-hooo! Holding on for dear life!

Ta-Daaah! I did it!

Cassie was too cool but that Alyssa is a girl after my own heart and doesn't mind making a fool of herself!

We finally make our way down to our seats and get a chance to check out the view! We got some pretty decent seats. Score!

Yay...Country Night...Yee-haw!

My country boy Jack!

Another view...

And this is why I LOVE Michigan. It's the end of June and it's only a beautiful 77 degrees outside.

Time to start the game!

A view down my the way, with 29 of us, they had us stacked up in five separate rows so we could all pretty much talk to each other and see each other without screaming at each other down the same row.


The Happy Couple, who we were all here for!

It's kinda hard to see on the screen but we had them put up on the scoreboard 'Happy 40th Anniversary Ken and Wendy".

BEAUTIFUL night out!

My Aunt Peggy (Dad's sister) and cousin Tammy...

A group shot of us!

Then the night ended with a fantastic fireworks show! I swear they knew it was my folks anniversary and decided to go all out for it! Plus, the Tiger's won! It turned out to be the perfect pre-celebration for Mom and Dad!

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  1. Awesome how it all came together like that. Don't you love it when that happens?
    It's making me want to visit family.