Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You make me feel like I'm living a Teenage Dream.....

Way back in February, I learned that Katy Perry would be making a stop in NC as part of her California Dream's Tour. I just knew I had to get us girlfriends together and go! The kicker was that I also found out that she would be appearing in Michigan during the time us Hammie's planned to be visiting. I told my Mom about that and we ended up getting tickets for that as well. So lucky me got to go to TWO of her shows.

The first show was in Raleigh. I'm not sure who of us came up with the idea first to dress up as KP but Gia and I jumped on the bandwagon and spent the next few months scouring the interwebs trying to come up with an idea on what to wear, and then where to buy the costumes from, how to make it and where to buy our blue wigs.  Erin and Jill, although not as thrilled with the idea of dressing up took the less obnoxious route and donned wigs and/or candy themed shirts. Both Erin and Jill had ordered wigs too. But sadly, when they got them they were so short and pathetic that they both sent them back. Erin was able to order a second wig which looked adorable on her but Jill decided to go with a peacock (I wanna see your PEACOCK!) inspired clip to wear in her hair instead of a wig. Gia was also having a bit of a time getting her costume together but she was finally able to pull it off as well. I'll let her write all about her costume when she gets around to blogging about this herself -6 months or so from now... ;) (SLACKER!) Her and I were the perfect KP impersonators! Anyway...

About a month before the concert, I started collecting items for my get up, which was going to be KP's Candy Button's dress from the California Gurls video.

It took me a while to decide  on what I would be making the dots out of. But then I read on the interwebs about some girl using Easter Eggs and figured that'd be the best route. Only it was May and who knew if I'd ever find any eggs now! Luckily both my friends Kristy and Jill saved the day and gave me their left over eggs. I ended up using Jill's because they were more of a neon color and just perfect for the dress!

Next on the list for my costume was SHOES. I had thought to find a pair of really neon colored heels to wear but then I saw someone who had actually glued a bunch of the candy buttons to white shoes and then I also noticed that KP was wearing those types of shoes in her video. So off to find a bunch of candy buttons and inexpensive white shoes to glue them to.

 Candy Buttons!

I found the buttons at Cracker Barrel (Thanks Jayme for the idea!) and then took the next 2 days gluing the buttons on.  It took me two hours each shoe and I can't tell you the number of times I accidentally glued my own fingers together before getting hip to the fact that perhaps I should use tweezers. It helped but me, being me, still ended up with super glued fingers a few more times.

 But I have to say, they turned out AWESOME!!!

It was finally the big day! Jill and I had arranged it so that we would drop the kids off at school, then go directly up to Erin's (who lives about an hour or so away from the venue). Gia would be leaving from Beaufort, SC around then as well (although it takes her a couple hours more to get there). Jill and I met Erin in Fayetteville at Panera and enjoyed a nice lunch then hit up Ulta for some fake lashes (Jill's were AWESOME - basically they were pink feathers! So cool!) and then it was home to meet up with G and start getting ready! Gia surprised us all with lollipops and cherry chap stick tied to a string so we could all wear it as a necklace (and if you don't know what the importance of cherry chap stick is, go listen to 'I kissed a girl'...lol)

Here we are, in all our KP awesomeness getting ready to head out the door...

Don't we look AMAZING!! Love Gia's Cupcake Boobies, Jill's cupcake shirt and Erin's rock-abilly purple wig!
Of course, then we all started acting goofy and hamming it up....

Finally it was time to hit the road and head on up to Raleigh. Of course we couldn't help but take a ton more pictures of ourselves (especially those cupcakes!) and there were more than a couple of motorist that did a double take driving down the freeway when they spotted all of us in our wigs and outfits!

Just so you all can appreciate the awesomeness that are Gia's 'cupcakes'...

Once we got there, we were pretty nervous about exiting our vehicle. Jill and Gia had told us how many people had dressed up in costume to go see Lady Gaga, so we just assumed it would be much of the same here. We were wrong! We didn't see one person as we were driving in, wearing any sort of costume. Eventually we braved it and got out of the car and we were almost immediately asked to have our pictures taken! It was AMAZING!

Our first fan asking to get a picture of us girls. I asked her to email me the pic and she kindly did!

Once we were inside, it didn't stop there. ANYWHERE we went, we were stopped and asked to have a picture taken or have a picture taken with someone. I was eating it up! We definitely got our 15 minutes (or more) of fame that night and I can only imagine the amount of pictures that were taken of us that are now floating around the interwebs.

We were able to get a few pictures with a couple of other people that also happened to dress up (although Gia and I were the BEST ones there!)

This one is a little blurry but at least you can see my whole outfit, including my shoes that I got a million compliments on!

One of my favorite picture of the night!

I just had to get a picture with my husband, Russell....

We make it to our seats, which are not bad at all and finally sit down and wait for the show to start. At this point we had missed the two opening acts since Gia and I didn't want to stop the amazing paparazzi from taking our pictures. But now it was time to get this party started!

All of us getting a few shots in before the show starts...

Love Jilly's eyelashes!

A couple of shots from the show...

The concert was AMAZING! Probably one of the best I've gone to and that's including Madonna, No Doubt, Gwen Stefani.... KP is so adorable and the concert was cute, funny, hilarious and totally rocked!

But, I'm not gonna lie when I say that when the evening ended and we all headed back to Erin's house around 1am to eat bean dip and chit chat, I was a little sad it was ending. With everyone going their separate ways (Erin and Gia are both so far away it seems like and I'll be leaving in May 2012), I'm not sure when we'll be able to all be together again like this. Makes me kinda sad...

And on that HAPPY note, I'm gonna leave you with one of the best pics of the night.....Gia in the ladies room where they so happened to have urinals (must be for those drag queens!)
"Us girls we are so magical, soft skin, red lips so kissable
Hard to resist, so touchable, too good to deny it
Ain't no big deal it's innocent..."

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  1. BEST. POST. EVER! And, I actually read it all! hee hee Seriously, that was a BLAST and I'm sad it's over! It was so fun to plan and look forward to and then the event itself was a blast! I really miss my LeJeune sluts! We rocked those outfits and wigs too! I'm ready for the next one - bring on Ke$ha baby! You're my teenagae dream gf! ;)

  2. OMG I am DYING!!!!!!! Seriously I love this! You know how I love going overboard! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you did that! AWESOME!
    Those outfits are the bomb. I'll bet everyone wished they had thought of it. Dressing up is half the fun. It was like that at Marti Gras - everyone had to have a picture. It got to the point we were sneaking out back doors just to get around - it was hilarious.
    Where the heck are you going in 2012?!!! ... she says with panic, imagining someplace like Texas, or worse, Okinawa.