Monday, July 25, 2011

Argh Matey's!

Summer is starting to wind down and we wanted to get one more day of family time in before the kids headed off to school. We searched all around us for something to do and decided it would be great to head up to Beaufort (Bo-fort) and check out the Maritime Museum that is dedicated to the pirate ship - The Queens Anne's Revenge' along with it's famous captain - Blackbeard!

What is fantastic about this museum is that it's FREE! The kids get to go in and explore everything that they've recovered from the QAR while working on a Treasure Map that leads them through each exhibit. Not only have they made it educational, they've also made it FUN!! Which is the BEST part!

Before we made it to the museum, we thought it would be fun to eat at this cute pub called Queen Anne's Revenge. The had all sorts of delish food and best of all, it was a coffee and beer/wine lovers paradise!

A picture of Blackbeard, the Pirate!

Jack enjoying his 'rum'...

The beer shelves, complete with a pirate head....

On the way out, I stumbled upon this bottle of wine. Pretty much explains it all!

Making our way to the museum, we found this.  A memorial to Astronaut, Michael John Smith who died when the space shuttle Challenger blew up. We all then took a minute to reminisce about that day and where we were.

The town clock...

Finally we find the museum and get ready to head in. Love the flags that were up!

The museum...

Inside they had a statue that was very reminiscent of Jack Sparrow (ie, my Jack's hero!)

A few pictures of what was in the museum...

I mentioned before that as part of the fun, the kids got to go on a treasure hunt throughout the museum. It was a great opportunity to see everything and learn about all the fun things they've found on the Queen Anne's Revenge.

It was a fantastic way to spend the day. It was only an hour away from us and I don't know why we didn't think to go here before now! The whole town is dedicated to the life of a pirate, it's so fun! They also have a pirate weekend in August (which happens to be the first weekend in August), which if we had known, we would of waited to go! In any case, it's an awesome town to visit and we can't wait to go again!!!

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Red Carpet Gala

Another day, another event to get dressed up for. Not that I'm complaining. I'm a typical girl. I like to wear pretty dresses, wear some rockin' red lipstick and get my glamor on.

This time we were headed out to the O'Club's 'Red Carpet Gala' thrown by the Naval Hospital's Wardroom. A movie themed party, that also will serve as a venue for Jon and his groupies to air the movie they made:

 It's a hilarious film that's a mix between Star Wars and Star Trek. It's more on the Trekkie side, obviously but I have to say that I laughed my butt off! Who knew my husband was such a thespian?!

Anyway, like I said it, it was a great excuse to get all dolled up. Here's a few shots of us before we headed out......

My beautiful flower that my friend Karen made especially for me! And thanks to my friend Gia who sent me her dress to borrow.

Jon looking all GQ like...

...and then he goes and does something like this.

Us together...

Blowing a kiss to all my adoring fans....

When we arrived at the O'Club, they had a roped up red carpet that we got to walk on and at the end we had our pictures taken. It was pretty fun!

Waiting for our turn to walk the red carpet and have our pics taken...

The also had a champagne fountain...So glamorous!

A few pictures of the decor from our evening...

After our dinner was served and as we were eating it, they showed the film they made. I have to say, everyone was laughing and Jon looked pretty good in his wig of wavy locks....

Of course after it was all said and done, it was time to dance!

All in all, it was a fantastic evening! We had an opportunity to get all gussied up, eat a meal and shake our groove thing on the dance floor. What could be better?

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jack turns 7!

Today is Jack's 7th Birthday!!! And what better way to start off a birthday then by having Micky Mouse pancakes and getting to open a present!

After birthday pancakes, we all got ourselves cleaned up and headed out to go see Cars2. I had asked Jack numerous times what he'd like to do for his birthday and all he said to me was that he wanted to stay at Grandma's house, go see Cars2 and have hot dogs.

Ok. I can make that happen!

The things we do for our kids! Cars2 was cute but I think Jon fell asleep.

Once we got home, we let Jack start to open his presents. He couldn't take it any longer and we were all suffering for it.  So we loaded up the front deck and let him have at it!

Jack getting ticked because we we were taking longer than he liked. Stink'n kid!

And the parade of presents starts!

I just love his goofy face!

I think he liked this one!

Finally it was time to crack into all those Legos he got while we got his cake and ice cream ready!

He wanted a Transformers birthday cake.

Lighting all those candles! I can't believe he's 7!

We ended the evening with some slip-n-slide fun for the kiddies! Which of course ending with a water fight between the 'adults'. Good times!


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