Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cedar Point!

Ok, so for the most part the teenagers have been bored stiff. They had asked Jon and I few times about heading down to Cedar Point, one of the largest amusement parks in the country to try their best not to completely barf all over each other while zipping through extremely high and monstrously insane rides.

How could Jon and I say no?

My Mom graciously accepted the inhumane task of watching the younger monsters and 6am Saturday morning, we took ANOTHER road trip. This time down to Sandusky, Ohio.

I love the drive leading up to Cedar Point. It's at this moment when you see those huge roller coasters, higher than skyscrapers and you start thinking to yourself if you truly are a sucker for punishment.

Apparently, I am.

When it comes to roller coasters, it's my opinon that you should ride the scariest one (that you're willing to ride, more on that later) first. That way all those other coasters, won't even be a blimp on your radar.

First up - Millennium Force!

This holy terror of a coaster has a first drop of 310 feet. Almost straight down! Best part, there's no over the shoulder harness, holding you in safe and snug. Oh no! You get a lap bar and then a Priest and Rabi throw some Holy Water on you and say a quick prayer. That's it! After that you're on your own.

I've rode this monster before. When I was younger. Stupider. Thinking no harm would come to me. But now? Now I want to throw up before I even ride the stupid thing! I remember all too well the sensation of rising out of your seat as you plumit to your *maybe* death at an 80 degree angle. But's been a good life. Right? RIGHT?

Us waiting in line...the girls yucking it up, while Jon looks on using his 'angry eyes' and I'm playing Farkle on my phone so I don't have to think about what I'm about to do.

So this is what happens. We climb into seats that are in the middle of the train. The ride up the hill is torturous and I refuse to look any where but straight ahead. We top the crest of the hill and as I see the first car start their downward plummet to the Earth, I close my eyes and refuse to open them until I know we've made it safely back down to the bottom. Call me a chicken baby! I don't care! We were so high up, flying so fast at 93 mph's, that it was almost impossible to keep my eyes CLOSED with the amount of wind that was peeling the layers of my face away and I REFUSED to acknowledge the fact that this could possible turn out to be the stupidest thing I've ever done!

Thankfully (and stop laughing at me) we make it to the bottom of that hill and whip through the rest of the track, safely making it back to the beginning.

Thank God!

After that, all the other rides were pretty easy-peasy.  We hit up Gemini, which is a fun, dueling wooden roller coaster, that believe it or not was one of my favorites! We ended up riding this one a few times during the day.

Images courtesy of

The Iron Dragon...

The Magnum XL-200...
This used to be one of my favorites when I was a teenage but now that I'm (much?) older, this felt like the most jumpy, bumpy, jerky, slamming your brain around in your cranium -ride EVER! I knew I'd be having a nasty headache after this one. 

Sometime during the middle/early part of our visit, the girls decided they wanted to take on the Top Thrill Dragster.

According to Cedar Points web page:

"Named a "Strata Coaster" for it's unprecedented height, first coaster to top 400 feet, tallest and fastest coaster when it opened, hydraulic cable launch system - launches riders from 0-120 mph in less than four seconds."

"To the left of the track is a "Christmas Tree" light, similar to those employed at the starting line of a drag strip. A brief message is played to the riders to; "keep arms down, head back, and hold on." Once the train is prepared to launch, a motor revving sound effect is played and its magnetic braking fins are lowered from the launch track. It then launches, accelerating to a speed of 120 mph in 3.8 seconds.
Shortly after reaching its maximum velocity, the train begins its ascent up a 90-degree incline, twisting 90 degrees counter-clockwise before climbing over the 420-foot hill. Upon descending, the track twists 270 degrees before leveling out, allowing the train to be stopped by the magnetic brakes."
Knowing all that, taking a good look at the track and having the experience of riding this once before (again-younger and stupider) - all I said when we came up on it was...

Ummm....HELL NO!

But Cassie is my little Thrill Queen, so her and Alyssa set off for the 2 hour wait to ride this insane excuse for a coaster.

After a long wait, Cassie and Alyssa finally make their way to the starting point....

The nervousness and excitement is clear on their face...

 You hear the sounds of the light changing from red to green, and before your camera can even take the picture in time, they are good for go and shoot forward, their train screaming up the track!

I couldn't even get a good picture of their launch! lol

And up they go!

Here they are coming off the ride! I love the looks on their faces! 
You can tell that adrenalin has kicked in! Alyssa looks like her heart my have stopped a few times.

Shortly thereafter, we all decided that we needed to take a nice relaxing break and headed off to our favorite dive - Johnny Rockets for some heavy, greasy food that will sit nicely in our tummy's....

If you've ever been to Johnny Rockets, you know that the waitstaff likes to get out there and dance to certain songs. Well, Jon and I (to the horror of the teenagers) wanted to get in on that action. Ok, it was more me than Jon and we were still sitting in our booth but it was enough to embarrass the girls and that is all that matters!

After lunch, we wandered around the park a bit, letting the food settle. We decided then it would be a good time to go for some 'easier' rides, so we checked out an 'oldie but a goodie' - The Disaster Transport!

This was a fun, easy ride that was completely in the dark. While you make your way to the actual transport, everything is glow-in-the-dark and neon! I had worn the perfect shirt that day for it! You could see my neon orange tank top a mile away. Not to mention our eerily glowing eyes and teeth. CREEPY!

Also over on that side, we hit up the Wicked Twister and the maXair. Both of which were a dumb choice, since my cheeseburger was looking to make a repeat performance during the rides.

(Photos courtsey of Google)

Yeah, this was a totally dumb decision on my part! At first, it was fun. You started swinging back and forth. But then, the whole circle started to rotate and the swinging back and forth got higher and higher with the rotating. Jon laughed at me when the ride was done because he said he knew "I was in trouble when the screaming stopped!"  I came off this ride a little green....

Wicked Twister. Another ride where I kept my eyes closed the whole time. I swear, I'm not cut out for this anymore. I think I might be getting, (dare I say it?) - OLD?!!!

After walking the quesy (and it wasn't just me by the way!) feelings off, we rode a few more rides and then headed over to the newest ride - the Maverick!

Again, according to Cedar Point:

"After speeding up the lift hill, riders are treated to twists, turns, airtime hills, a "Twisted Horseshoe Roll" maneuver and a 400-foot-long speed launch through a dark tunnel."

I really loved this ride. Unfortunately, it kept breaking down. We were ALMOST to the front when it broke down for the 2nd time that day. We decided to wait it out, since we were all still feeling a bit 'off' from some rides and it was hot, so sitting under the cover of this ride with the cooling fans felt nice. We waited about an hour and were able to actually move up further in the line due to people leaving. If you've ever been to Universal Studio's, this ride is kinda like the Hulk. But only smoother, with a lot more twists. LOVED IT!

(Again, because I don't want people thinking I actually took these awesome pictures, I am borrowing them from Google. ;)

As we walked around, we came across these little beauties. I'm thinking I should make some up and stake them out in the front yard. Seems like it'd be the perfect punishment for my crazy kids....

After riding all the rides (some more than once), we finally decided to call it a night around 9pm. At this point, we were all filthy, tired, sore and hungry! But we made the teenagers happy and heaven forbid you have grumpy teenagers! Jon and I had fun too! It was nice to be able to go and spend time at a park like that and not have to ride the bumper boats and kiddie rides while trying to avoid meltdowns from the little kiddies.

But to tell the truth, it may just be a long time before I do that again. My body and mind are not made out for extreme coasters anymore. Sucks getting old....just say'n.

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  1. LOL, welcome to granny panties and hemorrhoid cream lovey! I discovered my geriatric years had crept up when I went to Six Flags a few years ago. O.M. MF G. Never again. Give me a cigar, a margarita, and a bucket of fried chicken; I'm just going to sit back and let old age take me. Set me on fire when I die - between the alcohol and grease I'll go out like a roman candle. Throw a party; it'll be fun.

    Sometimes it's nice to ditch the little ones, and the teens need the time away too. ;)

  2. We have season passes to CP since we live barely an hour away. I'm not sure WHY I have one since I don't ride coasters at all. However, I am the plantinum pass holder so we get free parking - and I just head to the water park - and soak up the sun all day long (and read a book or two). My kids love it there!

  3. Look enjoy and Fun.
    our family will very happy when go to Cedar point the best amusement park in the world.