Monday, July 4, 2011

Fenton's 4th of July Celebration!

This year we were able to be in Michigan again for the 4th of July. The funny thing is, is that as us kids (mostly Nicole and I) have gotten older, it's almost more important for us to be home for the 4th of July here, than Christmas. There's just something about being here for the 4th, that we love. It could be the pancake breakfast that the American Legion holds at the Community and Cultural Center in downtown Fenton, the craft fair, the Freedom Festival parade, or even the Rubber Ducky race. I think what we like the most about it is the feel of community, the celebration of our country (especially since we're Military families) and just all of us being together. I haven't been to one other town yet that goes all out for the 4th like Fenton does. It rocks!

So anyway, today we get up extremely early (we like to get our pancakes before dawn, thank you very much!) and head downtown.  We set up our chairs on the sidewalk and head in to eat the heck out of some pancakes and sausage. Afterwards, it's time to split up and wait for the parade to start. My Mom helped coordinate and choreograph the 'Shopping Cart Boogie' that her store, VG's Food Center performs in the parade. This year, since all the grand kids would be visiting, Mom got them all to participate in the parade as well!

My sis, Nicole and I hamming it up after our yummy pancake breakfast!

The kids hanging out at the 'staging' area, waiting for the parade to start....

After we got the kidlets all settled with Grandma, waiting for the parade the start, we headed back to our designated parade watching spot, which just so happens to be right in front of my Aunt Kelly's Framing Studio.

My Dad (on the right) with my Uncle Marty...

...and with my Aunt Kelly.


My brother Kurtiss and sis, Nicole.

Finally, the parade had started. By the time the kids made it to where we were at Jack and Peyton were pooped. So us Mama's swooped in and took them back to the lawn chairs.

Nicole and I being all patriotic and stuff....

Peyton so loved handing out candy to everyone along the parade route, he just couldn't stop once he came to sit with us. He took all his candy and started passing it out to complete strangers. Gotta love him!

Here they come!

We also had a few Super Heroes along the parade route. Jack didn't want anything to do with him (he's got issues with people dressed up in costumes), but Peyton definitely wanted in on that!

Once the parade was over, it was time to head on over to the Fenton Gazebo area to wait the start of the Rubber Ducky race.
Here you can see the creek roped off, waiting for the ducks to make their way down the race track.

Justin taking a closer look.


Right above that bridge is where they'll be releasing the 1000's of ducky's. We all bought tickets and prayed we'd be a Winner-Winner-Ducky-Dinner!

This is where we camped out while waiting for the show to get on the road. Isn't it a lovely area?!


Come on lucky ducky!!!!

The end of the ducky route, where the judges are waiting patiently for the ducks to make their way to the end zone.

We've got a winner! AND it wasn't me. Oh well, maybe next year!

As we were walking back to our cars, we came upon a memorial that Fenton had put up honoring all the fallen members of our community that fought for our freedom in all the wars. My Dad was actually named after a person on this stone. Not gonna lie, it was kinda freaky seeing my Dad's name up there. But the memorial is a fitting tribute to see on the day all us American's celebrate our Freedom.

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  1. LOL, they have duckie races all over here too. I'm thinking maybe they should change it to slugs.
    I can't blame Jack; people in costumes .. ADULTS in costume ARE kinda creepy.