Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Michigan Vacation Randomness

Just thought it'd be fun to see what us Hammies, Wilbur's and Smith's do on our downtime here in Michigan....

Most of the pictures are self-explanatory....

 Nicole can sure mow a mean lawn!

 I sure do know how to toot my own horn.....only, it's my brother trumpet. So....I don't know what that means...AWKWARD.

 Not too sure what Alyssa is doing. But that's pretty much par for the course here.

Cameron will be in band this school year and Uncle Kurtiss was kind enough to start giving him lessons.

Nicole taking a snooze on the swing....

....and then she fell off! hahahaha

The best part of Cameron learning how to play was that he scared the crap out of my folks dogs! Nothing like a little payback for all that drool!

We even hit up the movies a few times. On our list of things to see was Pirates! The kids had fun with the display in the theater.

 Oh Jack....I can't take you anywhere!

Jon trying to impress us with his mighty muscles!

He tried his best to convince me to let him take this home....I said only if he used it to fix his jeep.

I'll end this with something we always do. A water fight. Kurtiss came prepared this year! Kinda unfair using the kids swimming pool as a shield. I'm just say'n.

Did I mention how much I love Michigan in the summer?

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  1. It's always fun to visit family. My sis just came up and we did the Seattle stroll thing, only this time I knew several people at the market, so I felt .. like, cool.
    It's been awhile.