Friday, September 30, 2011

End of August/September Round Up

The beginning of the school year and that first full month of school are always so busy! So instead of trying to blog about each picture/event one by one, I figured I'd do a nice little compilation of our lives.


So we start off with the fact that the kids will be starting school. Cassie will be entering 10th grade, Jason 4th and Jack 2nd. It's amazing that we've been lucky enough to be stationed here for this long. We arrived in Camp Lejeune at the end of Cassie's 6th grade year (Jason's kindergarten year).  Sucks how fast time goes by once you become an adult. Ugh!

Anyway, to get the kids ready for school, on August 16th,  I took them all to the salon to get some new haircuts. Can't have them looking like a bunch of rag-a-muffin's now, can I?

Jack always looks so happy!

Justin mean, Jason's new do!

We decided to do one last hurrah at the beach, so we packed up the kids and my sister and I took the munchkins down to the ocean.

Cassie turned into a mermaid!

Cameron turned into....some sort of squid/octopus? 

Peyton ended up snatching this swordfish right out of the water with his bare hands! He is all that is (little) man!

 It was FINALLY the first day of school!
Cassie looks beautiful as ALWAYS!

Oh Jack! But don't they look hansom regardless of Jack's zombie eyes?

At the 'meet the teacher' a few days later, Jack showed off his painting of his Pelican. This year he switched 'teams'. He went from being a 'shark' to being a 'pelican'.

I'll definitely be framing this one!

Jack's class also does this cute little thing where the teacher sends home "Pelican Pete' and whichever kid takes him home that night writes a cute little story about what they did with Pete. Jack thinks he's adorable!

At Jason's 'Meet the Teacher', we got to read Jason's 'All about Me' poster. What cracked me up was that Jason gave himself curly hair!

This year, Cassie decided that she wanted to participate a bit more in regards to School Spirit, so she tried out for the Tennis Team and made it!

Love her in her uniform! Go Tennis Pups!

The boys also started Fall Soccer. Last year, Jason just stayed with karate, but found that he missed playing soccer, so we let him sign up for both. It's a hectic schedule. Mon/Wed - Karate, Tue/Thur both boys soccer and then throw in Cassie's practices and I don't know how we did it with just one car!

Jason in his Kings uniform.

Jack in his Fire uniform.

While this was all going on, I was in the process of starting up this years Gourmet Club. My board and I had already picked out our theme and we finally had our 'Welcome Coffee' where we signed up everyone who was interested in joining the club. Things went pretty smoothly and we were all anticipating the first luncheon!

I also arranged for all of my girl friends to get together for a 'they're finally back in school' luncheon. We got to catch up with a bunch of us that we haven't seen all summer! And I finally got to see Jackie again. She moved to GTMO, two years ago and finally moved back and yup, I am STILL here!

Jilly and I sharing a free drink we got!

All of us! 
From left to right, starting in the back: 
Me, Jilly, Karen, Jackie
Front Row: Kim, Megan and Sandy

If you know us, you know we're big Michigan fans! So we were super stoked when the first game was finally upon us!


Jon and I wearing our swagger...

And finally, ending September on a good note, as we were heading to my sister's house, there was this huge storm rolling in. Anytime we see creepy clouds, we always automatically think about the Tornado.

Storm clouds coming in...

But thankfully it was just a good thunderstorm, followed by this awesome DOUBLE RAINBOW!

Oh my God! It's sooooo beautiful! What does it mean???!!!??? ;)

Overall, August/September was busy, amazing, fun and finally over! We can't wait to see what October brings us!

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