Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Inner Princess Tea Luncheon

One of the best things about living here on Lejeune and being involved in the OWC, is that every month we all get the chance to attend a luncheon. This month's theme was  'Find Your Inner Princess High Tea & Luncheon', during which would be a 'fashionable hat' contest. We were all to come to lunch channeling our inner British sisters and wear some outrageous hat (or a Fascinator, if you will).

Thank goodness it was close to Halloween, since it was easier for me to design and create the hat I had come up with.  I had an idea of using a gentleman's top hat and adding peacock feathers and ribbons to create some outrageous design. I ended up finding a miniature costume top hat at a Halloween supply store and then the feathers, ribbons and all the extra's at Michaels.

Jill and I at during the social hour...

Jill was lucky enough to live by a neighbor who is from England and had an endless supply of fascinators to choose from.

My friend Teri and I with our awesome hats!

A beautiful table set up with mimosa's and wine! Yes please!

Social Hour...

I love NC in during the Fall. It was an absolutely beautiful day to enjoy ourselves outside as well. And look how gorgeous everything is!

Soon the luncheon bell was rung and we all headed into the dining room to get started...

The tables were beautifully decorated. Just what you would imagine they would be while enjoying a High Tea...

We were served some delicious tea sandwiches, soups and scones.

During our whole social hour and luncheon, all of our hats were being judged in different categories. Here is the table of goodies the potential winners would get...

I was so surprised! All my hard craftiness paid off and I received the first award for Best Hat! Go me!

I was rewarded with a lovely gift bag of goodies from a local salon full of hair products, creams, jewelery and candles! Score!

Once all the hat awards were given out, each person had to look under their chair and who ever had the sticker won a prize! Jill was the lucky winner at our table.

Finally as we started wrapping things up, we all wanted to do a few group shots. We all decided to take advantage of the lovely afternoon and head outside.

Here we all all, including our one and only military spouse husband, Frank (King of the castle?) posing for our pictures.

Later that day, I asked to take a few more pictures of me in my hat. I just love the netting covering my face and my cute little blue peacock perched right on the rim. Oh and since it was an OWC High Tea luncheon, you know I had to wear my pearls! Ever the proper lady, this girl is!!!

I am so lucky to be involved in such a fun group! I love these luncheons!

Also, I'd like to give credit to Susannah Volinski, OWC Historian for allowing me use of some of these photos from our luncheon! Thanks Susannah!!!! 

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