Saturday, October 29, 2011

Uncle Cory Comes Home!

Today was the day my sister has been waiting for! Her husband, my brother-in-law (bil) is coming back home after a 7 month deployment to 'Ass'ganistan! All of us, including my kids and hubby, Cory's brothers and their wives and kids all went down to see him roll in!

We did a little pre-pictures before we headed out to get him.

My sister, Nicole with her boys. From left to right: Justin, Peyton and Cameron.

Once there, that age ol' saying of 'Hurry up and wait' came into play. But at least we were surround by family and there was a hot dog tent. Thank goodness for that!

Nicole with her sister-in-law, Sandra and Cory's brother Danny.

The kids got to hang out under the tent and enjoy free pop and hot dogs while waiting...

Finally, a nervous excitement started building throughout the crowd and we notice a motorcade of police and buses start making their way down the road.

Cory finally steps off the bus and the nephews race up to greet him...

...and of course, so does his wife.

Look at the big ol' cheesy smile my sister has! Someone's glad he's home!!

Jason and then Cassie get a turn getting a long over due hug from Uncle Cory!

And of course, Jon gets in on some of that action!

Everyone is so happy to see him home safe and sound!

Somehow, I think Cameron might be getting the short end of the stick

Back together again!

Welcome Home Cory! Our family just isn't complete without you!

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