Cliff Notes

You've stumbled upon the Cliff Notes version of us Hammies. A quick run down on what us Hammie's are all about. If you'd like a more in depth look into us as a family and how we came to be, check us out here---> Hammie History

Jon and I have been married now for about 10 years. He's been in the Navy for almost 17 years. Most of that time was on Subs, but a few years ago he went back to school and got a Nursing Degree and now he's an RN at the Naval Hospital aboard Camp Lejeune. We've enjoyed the military life as much as any family can. Our kids are growing up with a lot of experiences and although moving every 3 years or so can seem like a curse, I'm hoping that the kids will eventually see it as a blessing. 

We have 3 GREAT kids. 

Cassie, who is 15 going on 20. 

Jason - He's 9 and is my sweetheart.

And finally Jack, 6 - typical third child. Always entertaining! 

As a family we try and do things together as much as we can. We love our 'Family Fun Nights', which usually consists of movies and popcorn. Every once in a while we like to change it up and play a board game or Wii. Jon and I actually enjoying doing lots of things together. It's kinda scary actually. Unfortunately that also means we don't get a lot accomplished when we're together. But that's alright. I wouldn't have it any other way. We both enjoy painting, so many a weekend day you can find us in the garage working on some project. As for me, I'm always trying to stay busy when Jon's working. You can usually find me at Book Club, Gourmet Club (love to cook), taking Jason to Karate or heading down to the local 'bux to grab a coffee. The biggest thing that's been taking over my life this year is cooking. I've finally resigned myself to the fact that I, Stacy Hamrick, am a 'Foodie'. Thank God my family doesn't mind trying new and unusual things. All I know is that there are better dishes out there that don't involve ketchup! I'm on a quest to find them!

So, there ya have it! A quick pro quo about what we're all about.